headlines: alzheimer’s and recalling justice

Hi Readers,

Another hip hop based political commentary on New York Times headlines of the day by poetess Roopa Singh aka NAXAL. Enjoy.

March 29, 2007

alzheimer’s and recalling justice/
this just in/
nearly 5 million americans are forgetting everything/
and 100 years later alzheimers research/
still can’t stop/
the over war’d, over bought, over cop’d/
minds from remembering to forget/
day in and day out/
an unfathomable demise of the mind/
and i say in the name of those who suffer/
let us fight to recall/
a moment to moment justice/
for all people all of me all of justice all of yall.

alzheimer’s and recalling justice/
this just in/
the department of justice says “okay, we lied”/
8 prosecutors were fired/
last year/
another sliver of justice died/
now you know its tuff/
when its the prosecutors gettin knocked/
mccarthy era allegiance/
all the presidents men straight clocked/
the question is who takes the blame/
watch the smoke shift/
and the administration once again/
evade the flame.

alzheimer’s and recalling justice/
this just in/
reporters at the new york times/
can’t believe the dems are unified/
that the new house is tough enough to decide/
on issues of national security/
sheer shock that the dems are sticking to their guns/
in hip hop we’d say/
check one/
finally you done one thing/
you said youd do/
question is/
whats this angle the republicans got/
challenging your clarity, your manhood, your thoughts/
dont listen to that reductionist shit/
aint it/
that it comes down to this/
a high school battle/
paper beats your fist

alzheimer’s and recalling justice/
this just in/
walmart hires from the cia, fbi, and department of no justice/
to keep its employees in line/
walmart’s founder sam walton/
had these ethical standards see/
called no matter what/
more money for me/
now 1.8 million workers/
are monitored by trained for war big brothers
a force of 4/
400 security forces traveling far and wide/
to follow, trap, and decide/
who gets to be in the family/
of walmart/
the culture vulture travesty/
question is/
sam walton/
what kind of ethical man/
was he?

alzheimer’s and recalling justice/
this just in/
iran still holding on/
to british soldiers/
brown brothers with a white woman/
watch the lynching unfold/
a story never and forever told/
times reporter says/
iran and the uk/
are eyeball to eyeball today/
neither side ready to blink/
i feel like i need a drink/
cuz that aint half true/
we know how it goes with the red, white, and blue/
bush administration tripping with glee/
let the british do it for us/
and watch iranians go from free to flee/
instigators we are/
with over 100 u.s. war planes in the persian gulf/
15 white soldiers just aint enough/
to convince me/
the story/
smacks of distractive fluff/


One thought on “headlines: alzheimer’s and recalling justice

  1. Malkia Cyril says:

    your writing helps the world remember to not only seek justice, but to be ready when justice seeks the world. thanks for your voice, it’s a beautiful one.

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