sunday headlines: the spin-laugh cycle

Dear Readers,

Another hip hop based commentary on the day’s New York Times headlines by political poet Roopa Singh, aka NAXAL.

It’s Sunday, and like yesterday, young white women have the cover picture on the Times. I wonder what the deal is, why the continued coverage of this particular demographic.

Let’s think.

When people see themselves on the front page of the Times, they feel noticed (for better or worse). When a demographic is noticed, that demographic tends to identify itself, that is, recognize itself, as a group with shared experiences. With Democratic presidential candidates Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton already swingin in the the ring, I am curious to see how the Times will spin its coverage to covertly garner support for one or the other candidate.

Prediction 1: Prior to the presidential primaries, coverage of white women will continue to be on the rise, bolstering increased politicization of a certain kind and a sense of unity amongst young, white, women voters.

Prediction 2: Sunday’s are going to be this bloggers day to relax, release, and relate! Keep reading for the “Funniest Headlines from the Onion,” and my “SUNDAY FREESTLYE.” Peace!

April 1, 2007


1. Friend Who’s Into Politics Makes You Feel Stupid Again
2. Climatologists Secure Funding to Breed Glaciers in Captivity: “we must do something to improve glacial fertility.”
3. Editorial: I’m Prepared to Give My Life For This Or Any Country
4. Alternative Spring Break Devolves into Real Spring Break
5. Injured Troops Request Extended Tours to Avoid Being Sent to Walter Reed
6. Heroic Secret Service Agent Takes Question Intended for Bush
7. Anna Nicole Smith Finally Reaches Target Weight (Ouch!)
8. Editorial: Ain’t Nobody Telling Me What My Baby Allergic To


check this out ladies/
another million dollar baby/
american born/
american raised/
like naz says/
today im a writer on a fighting mission/
to get paid for good work/
and the crowd goes wild/
as if holyfield has just won the fight/
as if i was there in iran and the rocks and the bad ass bite/
what light to shed on palm sunday/
the headlines from the onion/
shit yall its fun day/
a full bright moon day/
my homie angelia’s birthday/
the cool spring gun day/
when jesus came back to claim his throne day/
and i aint even christian/
but the upper east side church choir had me going today/
when they said god is here to take your burdens day/
means save now/
to me that means stay present/
do i end/
what is always just begin/
each moment/
befriend again/
the poet.


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