headlines: u.s. supreme court swings for the environment-and hits!

Dear Readers,

Another hip hop based commentary on the days New York Times headlines by political poet Roopa Singh, aka NAXAL. Enjoy.

April 2, 2007

Massachusetts vs. Environmental Protection Agency

in the ring today/
the courtroom sings this way/
in the blue corner/
5 liberal justices with the one two punch/
in the red corner/
4 conservative justices out to boo hoo lunch/
and the winner is/
hard to discern/
cuz all that happened/
is the EPA got told to do its job/

the case is mass vs. epa/
a coast to coast case from ny to californ-eye-a/
it came to me/
this way/
that the key points to say/
are these/

insight on mass v. epa/
for my readers these days/
the states asked the supreme court/
can’t the epa start dealing with carbon dioxide from cars/
and if yes, then tell us, court/
when the epa says its “im not gonna be able to do”/
is that cool with you??/
and the court said yes and no respectively/
from a re-remembered throne/
its meant to be/
the court said/
the epa is meant to do regulate greenhouse gas emissions/
and in his opinion/
justice stevens made the respectable decision/
to lend credence to long dissed entities/
the united nations, kyoto, the earth summit, and the idea/
of climate change

thats the amazing thing yall/
about this opinion/
its all/
about finalizing the legit nature/
of climate change as an issue/
of global warming as a reality/
i guess up north most people don’t have to deal/
with the jolted mentality/
of existing in heat unnatural/
a shock and awe informal and casual/
as the rising sun/
cultures undone/
you sweatin/
you sweatin aintcha/

next most important about this opinion/
its like a diss album straight laced/
this my this my this my song/
liberals put their stunner shades on/
leaped from out their blue corner/
got all red in the face/
and jabbed left then right/
with words biting like/
the epa overstates its case/
the epa uses reasoning divorced from the statute/
the epa is trotting out a laundry list of reasons/
liberals straight clownin/
talkin bout the epa is essentially grasping at straws/
no mom/
i didn’t steal those clothes like the video showed/
and if i did/
its cuz i needed it and you were busy/
or there was this little kid who needed a new jacket to feel free/
or maybe/
i mean/
the reason/
you feel me?

the epa was givin up to many excuses/
so many reasons/
and showed its weakness/
the lie was its weakness/
the epa knew it was wrong/
and kept coming on strong/
to the tune of a diss record 32 pages long/
the majority opinion was a supreme court nerds dream/
filled with ammo/
a small dose of our heated/

PS. On Scalia’s Dissent:

also in mass vs. epa/
the conservatives on court/
got a sense of whose boss/
cuz tho chief roberts wrote a dissent/
scalia made sure to write his own/
and it was fierce/
but the armor/
scalia baby/
gets pierced when your scalding smarts/
only always go for one idealogical side/
broadening your view/
aint a smart guy like you/
by opining in such predetermined ways/
a parrot for yo boys/
is it really/
going to be this way?



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