4.2.07 headlines: domestic violence on cnn’s doorstep

Dear Readers,

Another deep and yet not deep enough day in the news.  Keep reading for today’s hip hop based commentary on the days New York Times headlines by political poet Roopa Singh, aka NAXAL. Enjoy.

April 2, 2007

i read the news today

opened the paper

it said they were suckers

articles unfold

on congress vs. bush, on bush vs. pelosi, on circuit city vs. employees

on the earth vs. car companies, on bad people vs. bad stories

and those were good

cause i learned

money is a top executive blind to true riches

three branches sway in a decomposed tower over foundational democratic gliches

women leaders like riotous trees are springing warmth in a deep freeze

and male leaders still actin like bitches

i read the news today

opened the paper

and the story that stays with me most

is the man and the woman couple arguing

on the doorstep of cnn’s atlanta headquarters

arguing so bad so hard so scarred we are

and its visible in flashes like this one

because what am i supposed to do thought the security guard and

im just glad im not in that drama reasoned passersby

the man eventually emptied his rage by fatally shooting the woman he supposedly loved

on the doorstep of cnn headquarters and after that the security guard got involved

oh angel did you passover this open air target of another womans body

a soldier woman struggling to get past least to most

pour out some liquor spark up a toast

to the life of this unnamed unarmed fatally harmed woman

sacrificed at the open mouth of cnn

where the tongue meets the money, the power, the pen

where violence is blood covered like vultured

the heathens act like the most cultured

where lives and war coverage are traded like stocks

fighting cocks

so what happens to the mother hens

its like this cnn

domestic violence goes from

it never happened

to when.



-Shot out to all those surviving in and from domestic violence. Free all internal prisoners! Keep tuning in for more coverage of the days’ headlines from Roopa Singh aka NAXAL.






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