headline: is no news good news?

Dear Readers,

Another deep and yet not deep enough day in the news. Keep reading for today’s Hip Hop based commentary on the New York Times headlines by Political Poet Naxal. That’s me. I flips the news like you never seen. Almost on the Daily. Enjoy.

*Special note: It’s Sunday and I’m feelin my poetics on a personal tip.  It’s a warm night in the Bay Area and I will always remember this shit.  Some hard news, check this out, last Thursday someone stole my laptop, and that’s what I use to write to you, so dammit, I’m tryna keep my game face, my head up, keep my faith in/new luck/and so the thoughts that swirl in the world of my mind/tonight/fill me with a lions right to roar/at Take Back the Night/at the Queer People of Color Summit at UC Berkeley/at the 2nd Annual Walk Against Rape/at the Empowering Women of Color Conference/and More/I’ve been spitting my poetry/and Ima keep on going/right now/I’m showing/more of me/like or leave it/but kindly do/get out of my way/believin’ in myself/Today…so here goes a bit ofa different flavor from NaXaL

Sunday, May 6, 2007

is no news good news/or is that just a colloquialism/an on again off again/butter spreading bread again/to last for two weeks meals/im not poor like that/but my shoes do got some worn out heels/to be real

is no news good news/like how countries one day blow a fuse/blow and blow/to catch a fire its step by step some call me a liar/i just recall bilbo baggins and envision the shire/that community, the green, the children, the unity, the town crier/and know i have a place/a corner soap box/some new news to lace/to be real

is no news good news/i dont know/it does seem some stories have gone the way of blow/either disappeared in thick air/or addictive like where’s my next high, hello/about/why to grow/more news/said the crowd with an exasperated air/i already know too much bout whats going on over there/iraq/shock jocks/all glocks/no cherubic faces or characters with nuanced eyes/im talking about the news assisting a necessary process of humanization/im just sayin/why care unless i perceive its my family over there/to be real

is no news good news/sometimes it is/stick up kid/with a law degree/reporting from a backyard throwdown of a party/so here’s some news that wasn’t part of what you heard on the tv/please be careful with me/cause someone jacked all my stuff/and now im writing from a friends laptop/so i was sayin about the party im at/im not playin/its a beautiful sight/a warm oakland night/star wars on the screen/hot mango chicken off the grill/still talking to my ex, she not better than all the rest/but i love who she is/for her/thats stupid/im sure/how does a survivor fall in love/heavens up above/john legend/heaven only knows/heaven only know-ohs/damn the next news is i hella wanna sing/but am at this point not quite sure how to bring the pain/public/betting on the plan of loving myself right back to the land/ancient ways/ancient like/ancient like/ancient like/back before the abuse/when i wasnt shy offa true shit/no lie/and thats news/to be real

is no news good news/i dont know/do you?

Stay tuned for more from PoliticalPoet Naxal.  All the news that’s fit to flip.




2 thoughts on “headline: is no news good news?

  1. A Woman who care, love and appreciate can be called a MOTHER says:

    I got chill in my body and felt your pain, wish I had some magic power to erase that incident.
    My hats off to you for continue to write , share & communicate. You are amazing, someday there will be a real guardian angel to put you on a pedestal of recognition which is not far, not far really not far now. You have some amazingly very strong support from the women who brought you in this universe. Keep writing, keep your strength strong and dedication.

  2. Malkia Cyril says:

    not sure how or if to comment, but…every time i read your blog, everything in me says YES. You are insightful, courageous, perceptive. I’m excited that the word is getting out about Naxal, the Political Poet- cause she has a voice that must and will be heard. stand strong oak tree, your time is now.

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