headline: in retrospect, iran is kinda the shit

Dear Readers,

Another deep and yet not deep enough day in the news. Keep reading for today’s Hip Hop based commentary on the New York Times headlines by Political Poet Naxal. That’s me. I flips the news like you never seen. Almost on the Daily. Enjoy.

 Hi Readers, presidential election fever in the air reminds me that collective amnesia is wack and needs to be fought with power.  So, we gonna do a bit of recent history.  I am taking out time today to share with you a retrospective on Iran vs. British Servicemen, included is a poem from one of my first entries on Iran while they had the British servicemen in their hold and some ruminations on the aftermath of Iran’s return of the British servicemen who invaded their waters, Enjoy.

Check out this flow from my March 28, 2007 entry on Iran 

breaking news/
one point seven nautical miles inside iraqi waters/
or 500 yards into iran/
bring on the slaughter/
its a set up/
a let down/
a bumper sticker on the street now/
says im already against the next war/
thats for damn sure/
and the diplomatic contest begins/
with power point maps/
they are making a case/
before the international judges/
we are asked to consider/
coordinates in water/
come up with an answer/
but when do we get to ask questions/
learn lessons from history/
gerrymandered water/
could you tell us the answer/
on the tips of your waves/
form an iranian dancer/
her mantra bends coral reefs softly/
let us go/
let us go.

Now holla at this poem prose piece based on I-R-A-N


was thinking the other day about Iran, in fact I can’t get Iran out of my mind.  Maybe its cause my good ass homegirl is Iranian and about to graduate from her Master’s Program at the School of Social Work, UCLA (go woman go).  Or maybe its because after Iran kept those U.K. based white boys and white woman soldiers who had the nerve to have superior officers who ordered them to, unprovoked, invade enemy waters, Iran didn’t back down to all that huff and puff from Britain and the United States, nah, for better or worse, Iran didn’t back down one bit. 


ight, so when Iran finally let the motherfuckers go, all dolled up in matching suits and waving like they had won the neighborhood king and queen pageant, when Iran finally let the Barbie and Kens go, all the NY Times had to talk about was the cut of the suits.  Yup, that’s where they dug into Iran, was in the government’s poor taste  in tailoring.  Cuz lest we forget, we will never be as civilized as them.     


nd the dope thing is that not only did Mahmoud Ahmadinejad not bow down to the hot threat hot air hot under the collar hot weather dont agree with them too good hot and bothered hot they be thinking our women are so hot, hot this is why there are hot, because they got billions of dollars of war potential in movement as we speak, so no, not just hot air, but also, not really all that hot.  Which Ahmadinejad seems to understand.  Cept what if he dont.  What if he is willing to use his people as pawns?  See…


uclear reactors.  That’s whats on a new line of currency in Iran.  Not god.  Not a government building.  Nuclear Reactors.  Like, Please U.N., Don’t Bother, We Have Them, And We Are Proud.  I’m thinking Chavez and the Venezuelan alliance is helping this pride to happen.  The daddy in me is so fucking proud that this man is standing up to the U.S. when so many leaders are silent and wealthy at the expense of human rights in the world today.  But the momma in me wonders, is he acting in the safest interest of his people.  Shit, either way, Iran is Kinda the Shit.  And that aint nothing to sneeze at. 

 Stay tuned for more of ” All the News That’s Fit to Flip” from Political Poet, NaXaL.   




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