5.24.07 Headline: Haiku-ish News

Dear Readers,

Another deep and yet not deep enough day in the news. Keep reading for today’s Hip Hop based commentary on the New York Times headlines by Political Poet Naxal. That’s me. I flips the news like you never seen. Almost on the Daily. Enjoy.


May 24, 2007

1. Headlines as remixed into Haiku-ish shorts from today’s NYT.

Headline: Snubbed/Preganant Girls/Push/Keep Hopeful/ Ground High

Headline: Entangles/Political Slant/Billions/Oil Industry Says/Keep Gas Prices High

Headline: Relic/Of New York/Insurers To Pay Billions/Debate Justice/At Ground Zero

Headline: May/Immigration/Finds New Space/At Justice/At Hispanic/At Prices/At Schools/At Ground/At Billions Push/U.S./Snubbed

2. Headlines as written in today’s NYT.

Oil Industry Says Biofuel Push May Keep Gas Prices High/Schools for Pregnant Girls, Relic of 1960’s New York, Will Close/Insurers in Deal to Pay Billions At Ground Zero/Immigration Debate Entangles Hispanic Presidential Hopeful/Ex-Aide Admits Political Slant in Justice Role/Snubbed by U.S., China Finds New Space Partners

Stay tuned for more of “All the News That’s Fit to Flip,” by political poet, Naxal.




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