5.27.07 HeAdLiNeS: cArNiVaL iN lA mIsSiOn!!

May 27, 2007 aka Did Valentines Day Already Pass?

Dear Readers,

It’s Sunday, and we’ve all been working hard.  Let’s tune in to some political poetry on the news of the joy of our people, all people.  Its carnival in La Mission today, and so here is some of All The News That’s Fit To Flip by Political Poet, Naxal.

“It’s cArNiVaL in La Mission today.

  • It’s carnival in La Mission today, and I am so psyched to get out of this L shaped sitting position and start dancing on pavement outside, a natural direct action, a protest with joy for fuel, smiles that rule, self-elected, fuck the presidency, let’s give air time to swearing off stress for one, languishing, day.
  • It’s carnival in La Mission today, the most New York style event in the Bay, that’s what I’ve been sayin to folks and I mean it, its hot like that, like twirling skirts and dervish pop collared shirts oooh wee, its a dancing on the Harrison St. stoops and calculating where to spend your good day money.
  • It’s carnival in La Mission today, so I got my hair just right, silver shoes on, black leg warmers, hat cocked over one eye, contacts in (like, regular clear contacts, not, like, blue or green ones…but i did try on tiger eye colored ones before and it looked interesting), so I’m outro.



P.S. Hip Hop Heads and everyone in between, check out my article on http://www.wiretapmag.org, its called “Deeper Than Hip Hop, Deeper Than Sharpton: Who Control’s Our Art?”


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