headlines: memorial to what? to life. 2 lyf.

May 28, 2007

Dear Readers,

Another deep and yet not deep enough day in the news. Keep reading for today’s Hip Hop based commentary on the New York Times headlines by Political Poet Naxal. That’s me. I flips the news like you never seen. Almost on the Daily. Enjoy.


Yo, this is a follow up to yesterdays Carnival post.  I wrote this and more sitting on a stoop alongside a stage pumping with music.  Figure if you couldn’t be there, you should at least get a take home plate.  Carlos, this one’s for you especially (R.I.P).  Enjoy.

Carnival, by NaXaL

(Harrison Street, La Mission, 5.28.07)

the sun on intermittent lock
this goes out the ancestors
on a cloud covered
people strewn block

to the ones who couldn’t be, but can still see                          the bright bold colors
on accents
on people
talking bout im used to the dark
on necks the necklaces
on feet the shoes
smile in
candy yellow
shiny mouth pink
bet your bottom dollar blue
ancestors this goes out to you

ancestors this goes out to you for helping to make my car start and for the parking space and good company.  four young comrades, politically savvy, and spiritually beautiful to boot.  yes this goes out to the thick velvety blankets we cover our babys with, flowers, 2pac, the simpsons, we got it all, on our blankets.  this goes out to harrison street with all who live on it now and before.

this goes out to carnival dancers still jiggling into their older age to trinidad and tobago for the sugar boys and the black lace lady.  to the drumming tent and our tender attempt at regaining our drumming hands.  to the many generations, to not seeing one fight, to the slicked backed hair in front and loose in the back, to the young studs and femmes.

to the cops on beat/hands up and down on your belt/to the corn smothered in heat/mayo, cheese, red chilli/limon/to the crews/si mon.

this goes out to the ancestors unbound by concrete and gold teeth and high heels sho don’t make sense at the end of the day but thank you for slipping them just the beginning.

end, i am beggining.

carnival ancestors/i mean you speak to me/cold out here/we still came out to party/to party/young women we look so fresh/and then our mamas/looking like they have nothing left/looking like they’ve been through wars/looking like a lifetime spent not being broken/tell me you’re joking/you got back with him?/again?/so this goes out to the ancestors/whose spirits are with me on this stoop/who hearts are in all the good friends seen/when i return/ancestors/within the fire burn.

(Harrison Street, La Mission, 5.28.07)

Carnival, by NaXaL

Stay tuned for more of All the News That’s Fit to Flip, by politicalpoet, Naxal.  




2 thoughts on “headlines: memorial to what? to life. 2 lyf.

  1. baahh-nazshonnii says:

    hi roopa

  2. baahh-nazshonnii says:

    hi roopa/the dancers on the other side of carnival/we all had a good time

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