June 1, 2007 Headline: Forced and Chosen Slavery, The Migration of Human Beings Circa 2007 And Praise All Gods May Is Finally Over

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Another deep and yet not deep enough day in the news. Keep reading for today’s Hip Hop based commentary on the New York Times headlines by Political Poet Naxal. That’s me. I flips the news like you never seen. Almost on the Daily. Enjoy.

June 1, 2007

Well folks, its the first time I’ve seen Bush Jr. on the cover of the New York Times in a hot minute. To some extent the paper must still be vying for that customer dollar. Considering the way the war’s going, the Times probably surmised that a George cover wouldn’t exactly sell like hot cakes.

What is a hot cake? Sounds good, but so general…do you think the expression includes any cake that’s hot? It’s kinda dreary and cold outside…I wish I had me a hot cake right now.

Speaking of the news:

Forced And Chosen Slavery, The Migration Of Human Beings Circa 2007

I am the Co-Captain of my High School Step Team. It is 1995 and we are All The Way Live. Matching plaid flannel shorts, all of us with some fake Payless Tims. We were the stuff, won a San Diego city-wide talent show and everything. I was the only Indian in an all Black dance crew. Being the smart, dynamic, and opinionated young women we were, we used to talk about politics between stomping out beats and making musical sense with our bodies.

It’s the local Rec Center, in that little room next to the indoor courts and across from where the ping pong tables are. We take a water break, only we didn’t call it that, it was just time to take a break. My girl Tawnya and I are slumped in chairs against the wall. She had traded me a down ass zip-up dickies honey colored vest with blue flannel inside for my hunter green lacey off shoulder strapless dress that I had wore when I went with Keith to ASB Ball.  Keith was such a young gentleman that I used to go to VONS Grocery Store on purpose just to talk to him while he was bagging groceries. Anyway, Tawyna and I were both thick young women, and our trade was mutually satisfying. Tawyna was talking about how its different for Indians, because Black people were forced to come here (to the United States) and Indian’s choose to come here, and so that’s why it’s easier for Indian’s to come up in the game.

To a certain extent I could see where she was coming from. Especially given the way shit is right now, in this country, in this state (California). But it’s a dangerously simple distinction that still gets in our way now.

First off, it ignores the fact that all you gotta do is look past this nation’s borders to where my country is, and see that we are still very much a struggling people in terms of food, water, education, employment, health-though yes it’s true, we are so wealthy in so many ways.

Second off: No People Would Ever Willingly Leave Their Language, Food, Families, Music If They Weren’t Being Forced Some Kinda Way. And in the case of Indians from India, all we have to do is scratch a bit beneath the surface and we see that the Indian Diaspora parallels the African Diaspora through British Rule to Carribbean Plantations, not because we were vacationing in Trinidad or on Safari in Kenya, but because we were brought there by the colonizers to do the slave work. Except Indian’s were generally given different slaves or jobs to do. Divide and conquer at a location near you.

Damn man, immigration.

The U.S. Senate is currently embroiled in an overhaul of Immigration Policy that, amongst other provisions, would make it impossible for workers to ever settle down long enough to have a grounded family structure. Once again the global and U.S. public is being asked to believe that workers are not human beings, but instead one dimensional playing cards, dealt to the hands that barely feed them.

While the debate over this bill is not garnering front page attention to the degree it should, local media and occasional national media is grasping to report the surge of stories coming out from small town U.S.A. on the Dementor like raids being carried out by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) against men, women, and children. I can just hear the glee in the Washington D.C., non-descript, grey save the red white and blue and gold trim of a requisite flag in the corner, institutional smelling room where they were all sitting, hemming and hawing over what to call themselves, ICE, yeah! ICE! Beware our tough, cold, menacing acronym. And we will be aware too, but just because your guns are legal and your prisons currently are too. What get’s my eyes especially narrowed about the ICE raids I’ve been reading on, is the fact that one of their primary battlegrounds is in the public school, so that a kid can leave home all spic and span clean to go try and glean some education from out their school and just simply not come home. Disappeared. Mothers of the Disappeared.

For Bay Area and Non-Bay Area Cats, here’s some wisdom on the bill from Renee Saucedo, a woman Human Rights lawyer who I have mad respect for:

***From Renee (Start)

Dear friends and allies,

As you’ve probably heard, the US Senate is currently debating an immigration proposal that would be devastating to immigrant communities. Among other things, it would require families to separate in order to apply for residency, it would fail to provide legalization to the vast majority of undocumented folks, it further criminalizes immigrants, creates a new Bracer Program, and would further militarize the US/Mexico border. No bill is better than this bill!


1) Friday, June 1, 11-1, Press Conference and Direct Action at Sen. Feinstein’s Office, 1 Post St. (At Montgomery BART)

2) Saturday, June 2, 7-10 am, Rally and vigil at Sen. Feinstein’s house, 30 Presidio Terrace (@ Lyon and Washington)

For more information, contact me Renee at (415) 553-3404 or renee@lrcl.org, or the Bay Area Immigrant Rights Coalition (BAIRC) at (510) 839-7598.

***From Renee (End)

Stay tuned for more of All The News That’s Fit To Flip, by Political Poet Naxal.




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