july 5, 2007: the word for the day is safe

Dear Readers,

Another deep and yet not deep enough day in the news. Keep reading for today’s Hip Hop based commentary on the New York Times headlines by Political Poet Naxal. That’s me. I flips the news like you never seen. Almost on the Daily. Enjoy.

July 6, 2007


Table of Contents for NaXaL’s entry entitled: “The Word For Today Is Safe.”

I. freestyle rhyme: the Manhattan Four, writing, and staying positive.

II. resting

III. the united states social forum: the comfort of unwritten codes and race

IV. NaXaL takes on the word “naturalized” in truly DIY etymological fashion: media justice based analysis of the recent front page picture on the new york times (07.04.07) showing us hundreds in impromptu clear plastic rain gear getting “naturalized,” showing us hundreds more in u.s. armed forces uniforms getting “naturalized.”

V. political poetry: more on the Manhattan Four and all the Unheard Women around the world who be persecuted for sticking up for ourselves


The Word For Today Is Safe.

I. freestyle rhyme on the manhattan four, writing, and staying positive.

feel the base the base feel base

now here’s a lil story-i’d like to tell-about four young sisters lesbians of color, african-american, were in manhattan, are in prison, and the media’s dehumanizing coverage of these four sisters is like a tidal wave slap, and i feel so much, i feel so crushed, i gotta sit with this one for a second, keep reading for more on the FREE THE MANHATTAN FOUR-i’d like to tell-it started way back-in history-with love and hate and blind and see-yeah-one lonely writer i be-all by myself with this blog o-g/is what i am perfection in this land/of mystery/magical like the fissure be healed when elliptical delusions of painful grandeur swirled all around like maxed out credit cards in the eyes of bruised thin models selling us the idea/like i would ever buy the idea/that sadness is whats sexy/when sadness was so much of what there was for me/until now/and like the billboard in oakland, ca says/lips up stress down/so ladies lets stand tall and remember to smile/just a lil bit/all im really sayin is a lil bit/cause i be tired like you/of every dude who tells me to “hey, smile”/like i asked you/cuz sometimes its a good reminder/but mainly you remind me of my father/to play nice for the public/when the inside storm/motherfucking poetry/you gotta love it.

II. resting


just taking a minute.


durga MA.

hari om, hari OM.



soften the gaze.

smile a lil bit.



III. the united states social forum: the comfort of unwritten codes and race

i recently attended the united states social forum, and from atlanta, drove my way through the twining southern highway towards the north. on my way, i gained more appreciation for the unwritten codes of conduct, dialogue, and body language which we shared amongst us at the forum. ive been telling folks that being at the forum was like being at a hot like spitfire march (not one of the rickety bootleg why are we doing this marches thrown by people in the lead who need to step back and rest), that being at the forum was like being at a march for four days straight. a momentary band of gypsys. and then when i left and drove up the 70’s-75, 77, 79-i started being conscious of my interactions with white people again. like extra conscious. and i missed the understanding that pervaded much of the forum. not all, but much.

not that some deep shit didn’t go down amongst the races at the forum.  like when the white woman came in at the Very End of a desi-arab solidarity session led by DRUM (desis rising up and moving), and just had to be one of the Last Speakers after not listening to shit about the session talkin about: “You all really need to get the book, A People’s History, and really read it, and educate yourselves.” make me wanna laugh and cry at the same time.

or what about when a small circle of black grown women stopped me as i passed by, on my way to the immigration solidarity tent with a traditional indian cloth (chunnie/dupata) over my head, and all of a sudden i hear: “A! A! Come here, we want to take a picture with you.” im like you wanna take a picture with me, okay, let me take my chuney off, cause i aint posing for no its a small world picture, and one of the women reached over and Put it Back on my Head and said: “no, keep it on, be proud of your culture.” and i said: i am and after they took the picture two of them introduced themselves which was cool and i kept on stepping.

IV. NaXaL takes on the word “naturalized” in truly DIY etymological fashion: media justice based analysis of the 07.04.07 front page picture on the new york times.

did you see the picture on the front of the times on june 4? thousands of people at their citizenship ceremony, “naturalized” at disney world.

#1. see how they pacifying us, letting us see the ones who’ve made it through, bigging up the possibility of citizenship with no investigative reporting to accompany the picture which would clarify the image as largely unrepresentative of the global migrant and immigrant experience.

#2. okay…DISNEY WORLD?!?

#3. let’s break down the word “naturalized” for a moment…according to the ‘lectric law library, the legal definition of the term “naturalized citizen” is:

one who, being born an alien, has lawfully become a citizen of the United States under the constitution and laws. he has all the rights of a natural born citizen, except that of being eligible as president or vice-president of the United States. in foreign countries he has a right to be treated as such, and will be so considered even in the country of his birth, at least for most purposes.

according to me, “naturalized,” can be defined like this:

naturalized. someone is zapping you. making you turn into something. that they want you to be. which is this state of being. this way of relating to yourself and others. even your mother father sister and brother. that they designed. naturalized.

V. political poetry: more on the Manhattan Four and all the Unheard Women around the world who be persecuted for sticking up for ourselves

pick one example here

they made them an example here

cause us women who love women

we gettin too near

they thinkin we a coup

dripping sweat like fear

smell their shook up tears

i could write this for years

and i still couldn’t tell you what it means to me

the Mahattan Four

these four young women subject to state violence in retaliation for sticking up for themselves are named

patreece johnson: 11 years

renata hill: 8 years

venice brown: 5 years

terrain dandridge: 3.5 years

and that so many more are out there with names unknown

if i knew their names could i help em

scores of servant class and rural women in my home country

are routinely raped everyday by state actors

but they are not nameless

oppressive forces shameless

and that is their strength

and that is their great weakness

got us thinking we nameless

but we got names

all india ancient culture coast to salty coast

all united states bling boast to government cheese on toast

we are not nameless

we are unheard

Free the Manhattan Four and all Unheard Women Political Prisoners


ever been in a courtroom at juvenile hall/auction block/let off steam/give it wheels/make it clean/forget the pain of the auction block/mamma don’t scream/auction block/our babies/ripped and burned dreams


Stay up and stay tuned for more of All the News That’s Fit to Flip from political poet NaXaL.




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