July 23, 2007: Place you right hand over your heart, ready, begin, “Solid Solidarity with Liberty and Justice 4 All”

Dear Readers,

It’s been a deep and yet not deep enough day in the news. Keep reading for today’s Hip Hop based commentary on what New York Times headline articles say and, more importantly, don’t say, by political poet Naxal. That’s me. I flips the news like you never seen. Almost on the Daily. Enjoy.

July 23, 2007

 I caught up with this stirring picture on the NY Times website today:


This sign of the times would be well placed anywhere.  No, it would not clash with the patterns of my heart, or the issues of each home in every hood across the globe, or the color in the rain, or the homebaked smell of multiply-marginalized strangers connecting on the Christopher Street Pier.  But perhaps its bold roll call would not go well in a purse shoe combination with the greedy sigh of chairs waiting to be filled in plastic classrooms across the country.  Yet mainly, this sign of the times would be well placed anywhere.  Where is it?  The New York Times caption reads: A sign expresses solidarity with the community outside the Common Ground Health Clinic in the Algiers section of New Orleans.   

What was the weekend in news? 

A New York Times Sunday Magazine front page on Juvenile Sex Offenders.  The issue is still a shamed one, and the boy model pictured has his head covered like a scarlet letter updated.  When I get in the headspace to read through the article, I’ll let you know what I think.  

A Newsweek Magazine front page on Islam in America, with many colors and genders and ages.  Perhaps the first humanization of Muslim people on a mainstream magazine that I have ever seen in my life.  Good, it is indeed a good sign.  Frightfully overdue.  And good.  When I get in the headspace to read through the article, I’ll let you know what I think. 🙂

And my own front page article on a warm summer Saturday night on the Christopher Street Pier:    

The Christopher Street Pier is alive and well, even a throng still on the street on the benches kissing and streaming towards the manicured lawn covered water.  Thrumming lime greens, grinding ripe oranges, and impossibly glossy lipped still and despite and because.  It has always been this way.  An elder sat cross legged and regal, watching quietly, mental pictures painting what from these young gun images, god knows.  Later an endearingly admittedly drunk young queen tossed about reads from person to person she’s giving me mary j. blige with that bang, no honey not bangs, that bang and when he saw the elder floating by with the rest of the 1am exodus he said look at esmeralda from the hunch back of notre dam with her gypsy skirt and she was like that too fine and a bridge, a pier.

The Christopher Street Pier is alive and well even underneath the spray of new age firehoses this era more cowardly the douse of automatic sprinklers thinly veiled arcs across the grass cause mainly they were pointed at us, the gay, the coloured, the bright, the amorous, the loud, the quiet, we were so quiet when the water began to turn light wood to dark glass.  I yelled BOO! for a few moments, and then made do like everyone else.  And still, despite and because of the water, the SUV rent a cops said the young man with the sharp lines and the glass lips, and still despite and because of the poised men on the barricades by the stop light cross walk, and still we stayed.  A direct action every night there on the Pier.  I’m still fresh on the scene, will be for a minute, and that will change, but my emotions at the sight of once thriving and laughing benches drenched into empty desolation remodeled for this your status quo emptiness will not go away, my feelings and breathing and being will not disappear at one.     

You could read the whole paper, or you could read me. Stay tuned for more of All the News That’s Fit to Flip by political poet, NaXaL.




One thought on “July 23, 2007: Place you right hand over your heart, ready, begin, “Solid Solidarity with Liberty and Justice 4 All”

  1. Den Mother says:

    Damn, the imagery, the words. I will do Christopher Pier with you!

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