Every Day: !CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS!

Basra reacts

Iraqi fans celebrate in Basra. (Essam Al-Sudani/AFP/Getty Images)


celebrate brother and sisters

celebrate star eyed children

celebrate grandmother and grandfather

victory is yours

victory is

why and ours

y and ours

mad props to sports and politics

i respect the confluence of these two rivers

i am awash with the internal knowledge in my lifetime

of the inevitable triumph of sports

of games wherein bodies are used for healthy aggression

here’s to the paths of blue grass flat under the pounding heals of

every exhilarated throat that’s ever exhaled a command to their fellow players

just in the nick of time

here’s to the game of soccer

here’s to the nationalist thumping

legs jutting

kicking out into the framework of a ferris wheel

grinding in slow mo towards the sky

where then we’ll kiss

get to the route of this

war and peace

celebrate this rare treat

a nation revived

with pride



In your awesome victory over Saudi Arabia in the Asian Cup Final, you so deserve this.






P.S. Dear reader, so diligently at the end of this entry, u deserve to know that I’m in the midst of a major and incredible transition to the East Coast. And I just had a talking to by author Walter Mosley, who told me and a few others that its time to focus on some thangs. So I’ma get a bit ghost people. Keep checking back, you’ll love yourself for it, promise to gods.


Kurdistan reacts

In Iraqi Kurdistan, the streets of Sulaimaniyah were flooded with revellers.

(Adil al-Khazali/ AP)




One thought on “Every Day: !CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS!

  1. I will miss your words writer. but i’m sure, as always, it will be as worthwhile a wait as waiting for morning. here comes the sun.

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