friday fun with the new york times

Dear Readers,

Some of you have requested humor, so here goes: shot out to your gut from political poet NaXaL, with this here Friday injection of All the News That’s Fit to Flip.

 September 14, 2007

Headlines from the Heartland of Colonialism Circa 2007: Let’s Have Some American Fun


 1.  Absolutely Preventable Deaths in Children of the Developing World Fall From 10 Million a Year to Just Under 10 Million a Year: Unicef Would Like to Thank God, Mom in this Historic Public Health Moment (

 Paths of Resistance in the East Village

2.  Rather Smug Article on East Village Gentrification Over Shadowed By Super Dope Photo  (

  3.  At Start of Season, Football Fans Report Ever Increasing Resentment Towards Soccer: Bewildered Fan Asks, “Why Does the New York Times Soccer Blog Get to Get Called Goal?  We Have Goals Too.” (

In This Front Row, Downtown Cred

4.  Russel Simmons Disses Ex-Kimora at Marc Jacobs Fashion Show with Authoritatively Placed Arm Across Both Legs of Indian Model/Author, Padma Lakshmi: Front Row Hipsters Practice Trademark Confused Yet Knowing Stance (

What to Expect When You’re Electing

5.  President Bush Responds to John Edwards: “This is America, a Great Dictatorship, You Might Could Git On TV, But You Ain’t Winning Shit.” (

Stay tuned for more from Political Poet, NaXaL, your friendly neighborhood news dealer with plenty supply of All the News That’s Fit to Flip.



One thought on “friday fun with the new york times

  1. Cristina says:

    #4 and #5 had me rolling

    keep it coming…

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