october 2: what would ghandi do?


Dear Readers,

All the News That’s Fit to Flip, from an artist with ideas for days, on the means and ways, we can extend ourselves into the as yet still stable polar ice of humanities highest price, and the winner is: Human Potential.

Its Ghandi Ji’s birthday today, he was born October 2, 1869.  Damn, its been a minute since he was alive.  He passed January 30, 1948.  I miss him.  And I’m thankful that he existed.  He woulda been 100 in 1969, and 138 this year.  Old soul.   

Our diaspora’s Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr., wrapped into one man, for Ghandi Ji so riveted the nation that he moved us to see freedom as not just possible but as the here and now.  His “Quit India” program encouraged Britain to give up its addiction to the occupation of the body of our land.  And his name is still the only Desi name mentioned in the quick litany of world revolutionary leaders.  So praises due, to the man who keeps India’s liberation struggle on the global map for young revolutionary’s on the rise. 

Let us take this opportunity to feel in our guts the struggles of others, align ourselves were we need to, and non-align where we must.  For more info about the man and his life, do what we all do: wikipedia beeyatch. 

Happy Birthday Bapu.  This 1’s 4 u.      

October 2, 2007

What Would Ghandi Do?

1. Ahmadinejad’s Vist to Columbia U: I bet Ghandi would have been diplomatic enough to be cordial to a international leader…at least as cordial as he would have been to any being present…cept maybe his woman in them early years.  Ike!  Nah, Ghandi wasn’t perfect, he was human, and he was violent to women, are you?

2.  Blackwater Trials: Ghandi woulda been fasting off of the state of the Iraq war long before these atrocities came to light.  I know it.  And somehow, the nation would have been riveted by the threat posed to this one man, and we would have gave a fuck, enough, to allow our concern for one human body to transfer into broader concern for the sustainability of the human experience in general.  You better KNOW thats right. 

3.  Myanmar Monks Turn Alms Bowls Upside Down, Lacquer Black Against the Frown of Military Dictatorship for Too Long: Ghandi, in your humble robe, would you not have marched with these relatively young brothers, a speck of white in a river snake train of saffron blood red, flowing down the streets of Myanmar, you would have marched with them, refused food and alms with them, you alive again in Burma, 2007, you knew solidarity.

4.  Kala, the new MIA album: Ghandi woulda been bumpin to that shit like the rest of us young nation bust music an A plus in a democracy hovering at a low C minus aint it about time its poppin in this devalued dollar country and Ghandi woulda been on the dancefloor just like me. 

Stay tuned for more of All the News That’s Fit to Flip by political poet, NaXaL.  And people, only bite as much as you can chew. 




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