xmas eve: huckabee please

Dear Readers,

Naxal here, with All the News That’s Fit to Flip.  Today it’s rape, murder, vendetta, the New York Times, and Democracy Now. 

[At the outset, it should be noted that I am against the prison industrial complex and for a society where accountability and healing is increasingly possible.]   

On Dec 20, 2007, Democracy Now ran a story, “He Should Have Known,” about how Republican front runner, Mike Huckabee, pardoned a sex offender and murderer named Wayne Dumond.   

The very next day, Dec 21, the New York Times’ runs a front pager with this headline: Charming and Aloof, Huckabee Changed State.

So what’s the real story? 

It all depends on who you let in your ear.

In pardoning Dumond, Huckabee, then governor of Arkansas, ignored numerous letters from women who wrote to say they too had been raped by this man.  But what Huckabee did not ignore was vendetta. 

V for Vendetta.

The one who put Drumond away was a 17 year old high school cheerleader, and a distant relative of former Governor of Arkansas, Bill Clinton.  Raped by Dumond.  Dumond gets sentenced to life-plus under Clinton’s governorship.   

“[A]nd the perception among conservatives, who were ardently opposed to Clinton, was that he was—this man had been falsely imprisoned, had been—even if he was guilty, he had been punished too harshly. And so, they pressured Huckabee [Governor of Arkansas from 1996-2007] to release him.” That’s from Nico Pitney, national editor of The Huffington Post.

Huckabee pardons Drumond.   

Charming and aloof?  The NY Times article reads like an endorsement.  “[A] singuar clemency problem that continues to haunt him,” is the closest the article comes to outing Huckabee for this doozy.  See, Drumond was pardoned by Huckabee and then went on to murder Carol Sue Sheilds. 

Check this video put out by Carol Sue’s moms (posted at huckabeefacts.com): Click Here

It deserves note that the NY Times has run several front page articles on other presidential hopefuls, like Obama and Clinton.  But none with the reverence of the recent pieces on Huckabee.  So let’s stay informed, us survivors, shall we? 

Stay tuned for more, of all the News That’s Fit to Flip, by your political poet informer. 




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