2008/not to late/to be good/again

Dear Readers,

I hope your NYE was safe and just right. And if you mad dehydrated this morning, try to drink water all day, flush out your system, and start the year off clear headed.

Went to Prospect Park yesterday, sat and meditated with a friend.

The sun was blowing, the wind was shining, there were geese, ducks, swans, cobalt blue water swam around our feet. As I looked out over the bright expanse of lake, out over to the black outlines of bare branch trees, my breath in mantra was: I smile at 2008. And about half way through my sit, my breath out mantra became: I smile at 2007. What a relief. A relief to have made it through to live to tell it. A relief to Smiling At Life with gentle eyes, it is truly icing on the cake.

This year I’ma try to remember to breathe, and keep the corners of my mouth pulled up a bit. I believe I can be strong and satisfied enough to smile at What Was, and What Will Be to come.

Heads up: I’m goin to the mother land (India) for a month (turning dirty 30 on Jan 10), and I’ma still be posting whenever I can, so stay tuned.

I’ma leave you with this *live Happy New Years freestyle film* of me on a recent day in Union Square, spittin a piece called “this year.” This year goes out to you, you who rises and shines.

Here’s what you do to see it:

1. go to:


2. where it says “search,” type: political poet

3. enjoy

Happy 2008,


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