flushing queens, blushing means, love in the air and spring

Dear Readers,

Soon we head back to our regular programming, hip-hop based political commentary on the day’s New York Times headlines.  I re-approach this shore like a ship, not a plane, and in that vein, I write to you now about New York.  Flushing, Queens to be exact.  Where I trekked to pray to Ganapathi on Sunday.  Eyes closed, back straight, legs shifting, head covered, even though no other woman had her head covered, smells like what I remember, tastes like how I feel.  Part of holding onto my center in the United States is letting go of India (I’m no longer calculating what time it is over there like a multi-task task on heavy rotation) and finding home here.  On return from India, it can be hard to re-root, feels like nothing is sacred in this country, so I fasted last Friday, to remind me of the sacred inside. 

Sacred.  Sometimes I don’t want to go to sleep.  Just wanna stay up all night.  And write for weeks.  I luv 2 write.  When I write, I often write to music.  It fills me with the back light I need to shine deep hues of feeling. 

Here’s what I’m listening to right now: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mb5YnqS_QlE, it’s Wyclef Jean de Haiti, singing “Hollywood to Bollywood.”  Holler at it if you want to be moved to move, its immigration, its America, the story of children of the world waking up together on the same block, in the same breath, bumping to desi hip hop, speaking spanish, eating south, reading north, all in a day, everyday, and unlike The Titanic, its a classic American story untold to the world. 

If, instead you are feeling like a meandering Mississippi, a fragrant jericho Jamuna, a nested, settled Nile kind of way, tune in to this white sister from the UK, D’Nell, she sings a grounded and meloncholy vibe of newness in her song, “Different Day:” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L6R__volcR0&feature=related.

The second piece is about life, and art. 



February 19, 2008

flushing, queens by naxal aka roopa singh

a relaxed sunday

temple bright trip the light fantastic

honor ganapathi

start a pore opening spring week

in flushing, queens

you can still get

2 avocadoes for a dollar

one sweet teeth crushunder pear

and three tiny tangerines

$1.92 she said

in flushing, queens

imagine a court full

queens bathed, jasmine oiled, black hair sandalwood steamed

democracy on their tongues

debates streaming

people of the land and their dreaming

flushing, queens

expectantly at the balcony

cheeks reflecting warm stage light

the woman below sings love down

thorn crown

baby bird blue

wailing over tablas over veenas over you

one queen can’t think of anything but him


an agile body swan diving

safe he is in rushing fresh river



flushing, queens


to an artist, by naxal aka roopa singh

to an actor/all the worlds a stage

to a musician/all the worlds a rage

to a poet/all the worlds a page

to a dancer/all the worlds a cage

to a poor woman/all the worlds a maze

to a rich woman/all the worlds a daze

to a capitalist/all the worlds a haste

to a chef/all the worlds a taste

to a mother/all the worlds a raise

to a painter/all the worlds a shade

to a climber/all the worlds a grade

to a sculpture/all the worlds a shape

to the wine/all the worlds a grape

to a mother/all the worlds to raise

to a bully/all the worlds afraid

to an artist/all the worlds ablaze

Until next time, when the ship will be closer to shore, and news will once again be stuff of poetic, hip-hotic, lore.  Stay tuned, for more.





2 thoughts on “flushing queens, blushing means, love in the air and spring

  1. Vinay Pandey says:

    I happen to get back to this after a while. Now, I wonder why you were speaking of sacredness the other day while watching Jodha Akbar. Good stuff ..keep writing,

  2. Coliosa says:

    damn … I miss seeing you and being inspired by you weekly in class. But now i got your words right here in front of me to be inspired by …


    btw , “Sometimes I don’t want to go to sleep. Just wanna stay up all night. And write for weeks. I luv 2 write. When I write, I often write to music. It fills me with the back light I need to shine deep hues of feeling. ” THAT WAS REAL!

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