Spitzer Sex Scandal, Economy Off the Handle: Imagine A World

Dear Readers,  

The newsies are frothing at the mouth, sex scandal, money trouble, what more could a paper tryna sell copies want from the narcissistic U.S. world?  More importantly, what more does the reading public need from its narrative shapers?  Imagine.     

John Lennon and Yoko Ono pictures cover the Arts section of today’s New York Times.  Him, inspired by her, the band, their travels, what did them Liverpool cats leave us with?  Imagine

    A Fond Look at Lennon’s ‘Lost Weekend’       

The Beatles left us a legacy of songs for the Q train riding father and his three young sons “Ladies and Gentlemen, we don’t mean to bother you but we are trying to get some dinner tonight,” guitar, tambourine, little hands on little drums, their repetoire solid Beatles, the father and eldest son wrench high soul, hope’s foal, gut mending, bell toll, ear beaming harmony.  Imagine.  

I seen these cats twice so far.  They bring something moving to the tired quiet, black clad subway.  This family manifests an outloud festival of sound, the legacy of poverty stirred into the legacy of song.  Imagine So that’s our work today, dear reader, know the news and Imagine A World.

March 12, 2008  

Imagine A World.   Spitzer gets caught with his pants down around cloud 9/he says the fault was all mine/I had the sex industry all wrong/these whores are business women/thousands of years strong/courteseans/healing like songs/selling soul by the hour/all night long/the people feel his truth/Clark Kent in a Gotham City phone booth/even Superman would get uncouth/in this day and age of no youth/says the pubic/we forgive ourselves so we forgive you/and the establishment vendetta against you too/and we expect you to step down/take a break/and heal this through/with your family,     

Imagine A World.  Water gets tested/traces of anti-depressants nationwide water supplies/ we gettin doses out our sinks/no way to choose/no time to think/feds plus drug and water companies come clean/share their motives/means/sell their minks/liquidate war stocks/spread honey over the whole flock/let us tell the public what we do/let us honor democracy over profit/the masses over the few, 

Imagine A World. Recession hits/the dollar dives/another federal bailout/symptom curing/band aid/stock market keeps its game face/in Washington and on Wall St. suits ask themselves why the superpower race/take time to get braced/for the message on the horizon/America in the mirror connecting dots like Verizon/striving is a true place to get wise in/these first world good economic times are hypnotizing/criminalizing/guilty by default/corporate investors stop gambling/public karma mangling/and face the future honestly/valiantly/us against them vanity/gone like the morning fog/over the San Francisco Bay/the red Golden Gate gleams towards an ocean of equality/a planet bustling hustling and loving already/enough/for everybody/already,       

Imagine A World.  


Thank you for reading, keep laughing in the face of it all, and stay tuned for more. 

Peace, N/rs  


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