april twelfth two thousand and eight

i open up the paper and what do i see

stories not meant

for me

cuz if they were/i would feel them

and in a blur/i would hear them

all the mouths screaming

bubble gum dreaming

fangs glisten gleaming

childrens faces beaming

and bleeding

for change




just a quarter

was what i asked the man for in the evening and what he gave me

was what i gave the woman seated next to me

this morning

in the dollar van on flatbush street

glossy black, shiny rims, incessant honk

tell the people you are here

i caught it after i got the strawberries, coconut biscuits, and oj

from the asian owned grocery store at beverly

it was steam coming up from big bowls of ramen

breakfast time for the workers and for the boss

one seated up front with the paper

two seated in the back together

and the lady at the register




i got on the dollar van

which just got turned a dollar fifty

and sank down between two worlds

the flying by flatbush stores

outside a people overworked, floored

inside the rope attached to the door

a driver pulled out smiles from every west indian core

expose soca smile

why dont you stay a while


u wan me l8?

he’s up there counting his 1’s and 5’s

at every red light

heads up and fight

this way

warm and with smile

dollar van

i like your style


up this spring

trees bloom like bling

cant help but to sing

and bring


morning dove

come give me a hug


here goes some tuna

for your rug

and some humor

for that persistent bug

i heard that persians were gloomy

and vietnamese cats were not to be fucked with

and black folks will cut you

and gujrati homeless hotel owners pimp their guests

and a nigga like me is still on my quest

and im thirty

and my smiles so dirty

you could see it cream

spring dream

come clean

don’t be mean

cuz outside

the war is on

the snack bar is now open

and between my hands

is a prayer

one less layer


please one less layer


free tibet/free me

be tibet/be me

then tell me

who to hate


as ever,


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2 thoughts on “4survivors/4tibet/4sofritospring

  1. mac says:

    in capital
    the PH balance in D
    the knowledge
    but here
    her thick rivers
    thank you for another beautiful post

  2. Peter says:

    I remember those dollar vans. broadway yunkshun, they’d say(back in starrett city). they still make the runs down flatbush, all the way to kings plaza. Sometimes they get into an accident, there’s always a victim, but not the driver. He runs away, back to the shadows and underworld. One called my moms a bitch. She tore him a new one. Didn’t know a white woo-mon could do that did he. She dropped a call to the po-po; we didn’t see them for several weeks at least, just da woop-woop a coupla tymes. haaaaaa

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