gay marriage: love codified

dear readers,

i’m thinking about codification.

“code,” an agreed upon system of rules, a method of communicating. “to codify,” to etch these rules into stone, to classify, organize, group. “codification,” the process by which rules are made into law.

the bhagvadgita, the koran, the bible, all texts wherein humans laid down important code on how to live. judges, legislators, lawyers, lobbyists, all roles concerned with the codification of every aspect of society. playwrights, novelists, journalists, bloggers, all authors in their practice are codifying, engraving thoughts into organized ways of being, living, loving, reducing sprawling thoughts called drawings into novel formations called letters, letters link together to form words, words in a row make a sentence, sentences grouped together form paragraphs or life in the pen, and on till its pages, societal stages, deep throated works of spine tethered books, words are our umbilical cord of living.

how is love codified?

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on may 16, 2008 the california supreme court issued a ruling codifying the legality of same-sex marriage. there are a ton of articles on the subject, this new york times piece is a nice portal into pictures, multiple viewpoints, and related blogs: “california supreme court overturns gay marriage ban.”

here’s a hint, when i apprenticed with united states supreme court journalist nina totenberg at national public radio, i learned that when it comes to the law, folks interested in the getting the real story turn to one main source, the court authored ruling, also known as the “opinion.” if you haven’t seen one before, check out “in re marriage cases,” its a heft opinion, weighing in at 172 pages, but the juice is quick in coming. just scroll to the bottom of page 5, and let your eyes dwell on how the court went from a 60-year-old decision to codify the legality of interracial marriage (perez vs. sharp (1948) 32 Cal.2d 7114) to pushing the envelope on gay and lesbian marriage.

the opinion of one human being, written, codifies. and in that light, it is a great responsibility to be a writer.


because i love you, here’s a stoopid important article i recently read on money management: five basics for building a solid financial future.

and news of a sad loss for my diaspora, vijay tendulkar, a playwright, was one of india’s most prolific and conscientious theater based codifiers. he passed away today, read a bit about him: “noted playwright vijay tendulkar dead.”

stay tuned for more of “all the news thats fit to flip,” a blog apart from the rest.

as ever,


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2 thoughts on “gay marriage: love codified

  1. sherlock says:

    from sherlock to holmes…

    and within the codifying process, there is meaning created, bordered on all sides by emotion, history, giving it context. a piece of context to add to the meaning- on the same day in Texas, a gay man with AIDS was given 35 years in prison for spitting on a police officer despite tons of science that repudiates the notion that HIV can be transmitted through saliva.

    given this, what do you think the meaning is in this gay marriage ruling?

    as always, thank you for another unique perspective and thought provoking piece. beautifully written.

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