A Travel Essay Series: Summer in the City

August 15, 2008

(India’s Independence Day)

Dear Readers,
It’s been a long time. I shouldna left you. At least, not without a proper “peace see ya later.” I left to go have myself the summer of lifetime. And now I’m back. Will you have me?

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I’m not your typical blogger. I hate sitting in chairs. And computer light makes my eyes go all Jabberwockey. Saw an illustrative art piece on this very issue today. Crossed one of Steel City’s beautiful bridges to the Andy Warhol Museum. Sotheby’s is selling Andy Warhol prints for 12 milli and up. And this Pittsburgh based Museum has more Warhol than anywhere. Employees like oompa loompas cataloging thousands of items from Warhol’s 600 time capsule boxes. A quote on the wall reads: “Buying is more American than thinking. And I’m about as American as you can get.” Warhol. The gateway man for Basquiat, who remains one of the only artists of color to fill Sotheby’s venerable halls come American Modern Art auction time.

In the front lobby of the Warhol museum is a stunning office chair installation. An expensive, porous, black office chair spins. It is enclosed in a clear cubicle. The spins are slowly at first, like an office worker taking a twirl for kicks when no ones looking. Then pendelums its momentum to frantically fast. The feeling is of a society sitting instead of standing. Sitting itself out of its mind.

When I say I’m not your typical blogger, I mean I don’t love sitting in front of a computer.  In one Tracy Ullman State of the Union skit, “Ariana Huffington” sleeps gripping her laptop, loving it like lovers do. That’s not me. I eye my laptop from afar, with tolerance. And open it with efficiency. Dusting it, adjusting it. Occasionally enamored respect. At best.

So I stood up a lot this summer. Moved my legs, filled my ears. And after a lilting summer, I am back to writing. To you.

The next two weeks I am stretching the summer finale, taffy, like a brown-skinned Olympic runner stretches for the finish line. In betwixt California coastline and my mom’s home cooking, I’ll be posting “A Travel Essay Series: Summer in the City.”

” A Travel Essay Series: Summer in the City” highlights include:

Music Reviews: Kanye West’s Glow in the Dark Tour, Bruce Springsteen, Freddie McGregor, Cold War Kids, King Kahn, Beth Orton, Lila Downs, Erykah, Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival.

Sports Reviews: Liberty, Mets, Olympics and me and my Big Blue Bike

Water Reviews: Riis, Coney, Waterfalls, random upstate lake, rain, and the fire hydrant outside my Flatbush apartment

Art Reviews: MOMA and Salvador Dali, Samuel Beckett at BAM, SF MOMA and Frida (I admit, I did leave Gotham a couple times), the New Museum and Islam, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Super Heroes

Virgin Reviews: Summer is a good time to try new things. Even if they are only new to you. Like the Nuyorican Poets Cafe. Like flings. Like writing for mad money. Like spitting a poem off the stage at Prospect Park’s Bandshell.

Food Reviews: Ice cream, Fort Greene, Trader Joes. And fruit. Oh, fruit tastes good in the summer. Even better than my mango chicken. Which really says a lot.

Rapping Up:

I’m blessed to be a traveler, the world, many times over. Next best thing to reading a good book. I encourage anyone within ear shot to travel wherever they are. To adventure through life with breath as your Golden Ticket. This “Travel Essay Series” is my homage to trekking uncharted through my immediate surroundings. Gotham. New York City and all that jazz. Stay tuned.



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4 thoughts on “A Travel Essay Series: Summer in the City

  1. Mathew James says:

    Great post, it was very informative. I think its a must read.

  2. Yo — Don’t forget you spent your summer with DOPE SWAN too! And we LOVED you! Can’t wait to the fall and spring.

  3. Peter says:

    Just hopin’ you paid what you want, not what they suggest…

  4. trace says:

    your respect for life, loyalty to life, and generosity with life is beyond appreciative…not to mention admirable

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