Summer in the City: Glow in the Dark Tour

August 19, 2008

The following writing includes poems and a political essay on Kanye West’s Glow in the Dark Tour.  It’s a Hip Hop Politics twist on the Travel Essay.  Based on the adventures I flung myself into during the summer of 2008 in New York City.  I tasted music, theater, nature, bike paths, beaches, conversations with family and strangers.  Political conferences.  The South Asian Journalists Association Convention. 



Dear Readers,

A new fangled Travel Essay on the Glow in the Dark Tour.  Music infuses every nook and cranny of a Gotham summer.  A dusk green audience of tall tall trees, outdoor music events.  There’s nothing better than being under the soft warm blanket of night time heat, there’s nothing better.  But let’s keep it real, Pharrell, Kanye, and Lupe performed inside Madison Square Garden.  And the people power in the room was palpable.  

gLOW iN tHE dARK tOUR: if you quote me, use my name: roopa singh ( or not.  and suffer the fucking karma for generations.  like the rest of us.  🙂

poem #1: victory



cascading lava lcd

surges all over me

a superhero/



poem #2: stunner journey

diss me/

kick me/

out of school/

please do me the favor

of making all your rules

now a youtube nation of millions

can mouth each lyric



poem #3: unicorns in unison

unison in feeling

arms stretched to the ceiling

mixed crowd. a healthy mix. a refreshing hip hop audience a.


mix (!)

of arms stretched to the cieling

the sight

im still reeling

unison in feeling

arms stretched to the ceiling

healing the sight

im still reeling


poem #4: artists for president

hip hop creation story, bronx glory, no apologies, im sorry, but this urban blight plight, takes flight this way, four elements, here to stay, plus one, remember the learning way, and pray.  lets us pray that the pioneers are able to embrace their fruits. 

hip hop’s sons and daughters/the ones heard by most youth

glow in the dark, a clean cut, uncouth

each ticket to the concert, bought, paid for.  money spent.  a lever pulled.  the voting booth.  and its not perfect, but its the truth. 

in these ruthless times, i gotta know these ryhmes.  artists, we were always the new president elects. 

songs are the best at leading movements.  memorized and canonized for life.  by choice.  one-by-one, en masse, by choice.  for life.  the pledge of allegiance, minus all the strife.  album covers our new flags.  emcees our absentee dads.  b-girls our dream moms. 

i don’t believe in roll models/ but if i do then im mine/ i got to shine/ i pressed rewind/ all night and all day before CD technology/ took that 12 count pause away.  didnt have to rewind my tapes no more.  calling em mix tapes, even though they were cds and shit.  but you know what, mix-cd as a title never sounded as good as mix-tape.

cd players had that repeat button.  and i could listen to one song all night.  diamonds and pearls, prince.  repeat, shuffle, one, all, everyone, choose your course, made you flinch?  i hope not, unless it was of desire.  of shudder.  of utter one more word and i’ll wanna slap your mother.  that’s what someone said about my daal.  that it was so good, itd make you want to jump up and slap a cop.  i love you d. 

cd players had that repeat button.  and i could listen to one song all night.  diamonds and pearls, prince.  repeat, shuffle, one, all, everyone, choose your course, under the hoofs of music, our horse thunders the to power our chariot, our cruisin, our low-riding aspirations, our chill.  music fuels us.  politicians use us.  at best.  killing me softly got next.  kill a mill at a time at worst.  so you tell me. 

when our force/is enough to move past/level this plantation/change course.


Some reflections on Glow in the Dark.  From your favorite political poet.  Who spent her whole fucking summer in Gotham.  Stay tuned for more. And remember, I’m only human, we’re all just Super Heroes. 

Hmm, I wonder.   



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One thought on “Summer in the City: Glow in the Dark Tour

  1. sherlock says:

    dope daddy-o, can’t wait to hear about all the other summer bling star… write on patna!

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