fyi, that’s my moms

Dear Readers,

Quick Friday morning note: The black and white photo above is of my mom on a college excursion.  Madhu Bala Singh, late 1960’s, getting her B.S. in Botany from Udaipur University.  Mom is second from the left, arms crossed, white dupata.  The women on either side are her besties, they all recently reunited, some 40 years later, on mom’s most recent trip to India.  That’s when mom got a hold of this picture.  The man at the end is their Professor.

I uploaded the image to my blog site because I love my mom, number 1.  Number 2, I like how she is here: relaxed, serious, expectant, wry.  Looking at her makes me feel like writing, a lot

Stay tuned for more,



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