top three of debate season: 1. joe plummer, 2. the mccain-palin rallies between debates: confederates unite!, 3. obama’s composure

Dear Readers,

Debate season is over. Actually, I think its more accurate to say that Speach Season is over.

Speech Season started with Barack Obama’s, “A More Perfect Union Speech,” delivered last Father’s Day. After that speech, and after waves of love and hate rose in response to the spoken word, the prospect of presidential oratory skills re-entered the national imagination.

Fast forward to Sarah Palin’s speech at the RNC. I remember how she burst on the political scene and upped the game with her sharp verbal swords. I remember the oratorical shift, when Obama’s message of change got picked up by McCain, who’s breathy words at the RNC felt almost like a sigh of relief. He was so siked to have Palin on his team.

Glancing back at the DNC, I remember Bill Clinton’s speech and the tide of political applause that rose to greet him. I remember Hillary Clinton’s oratorical charge, and the stirring way she saluted the millions of Democrats who nearly nominated her.  I remember Obama’s stadium speech, when he accepted the nomination.  The one with fireworks, the one with the dramatic stage set, the one that reminded me of the mind blowing Opening and Closing ceremonies of the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Remember those?

The debates gave us the chance to hear as a nation. To watch as a nation. To feel as a nation the American Idol prime time selection process of the next president of the United States. From now till early November, we will generally see the candidates in bits and pieces, ads, local rallies, clips on the news.

But I will remember how it felt to watch speeches together, in a room full of students and teachers. And I will remember how it looked to walk down the blocks of Manhattan and Brooklyn and bear witness to America coalescing around the spoken word.

I remember. If America becomes more unified after the election, I will remember all the ways in which we, as a nation, are together. If America becomes more divided after the election, I will remember.

Will you?

Stay tuned for more, from my favorite political poet.


roopa singh

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10 thoughts on “top three of debate season: 1. joe plummer, 2. the mccain-palin rallies between debates: confederates unite!, 3. obama’s composure

  1. chaze77 says:

    In the title of your blog, point #3 has struck me- “obama’s composure”.

    This is a huge part of the reason I so fully support Barack Obama in this election… he has been able to hold it together way better than anyone I’ve ever seen.

    … People spreading lies about him, hate-mongering, fear-mongering… you name it… he’s had to deal with it… and has managed to maintain the most calm, composed demeanor.

    Certainly he has defended himself, as anyone would expect, but he has yet to stoop to McCain’s level- his integrity is perhaps the one thing that is more important to him than winning the election.

    Now that’s a man I can respect… and would be honored to follow.

    Thanks for lettin’ me weigh in!

    Obama/Biden ’08

  2. naxal says:

    you’re absolutely right. composure is obama’s #1 strategy, and he’s very, very good at it. thank you for chiming in, it would be great to keep hearing your important voice.

  3. sherlock says:

    watching a brown skinned man run for president under a banner of hope and change straightens my back, but it doesn’t blind my eyes. Obama is a moderate democrat, not a radical progressive. But under his administration there will be more room for some of the kinds of changes radical progressives seek. Palin’s saber-toothed hate is sure fun to watch tho, but i hope we all see it for what it is- virulent, strategic racism and xenophobia.

  4. naxal says:

    i think what you’re saying is on point. an obama administration means some room for positive change, thats best case. worst case, we get the clinton era polish on a inside job. palin is captivating, and to be real, im still wrapping my mind around what exactly that means. cheerleader for the old, miffed, confederates? canary in the mine for women and womanly leadership? i find it a bit off putting that pro-Hillary folks are quick to clown Palin for her hair style. I don’t agree with Palin’s take on the world, but I will not give up my pro-woman stance when I object to her. What do you think?

  5. sherlock says:

    what i think is that Palin herself is not pro-woman, or pro-family, but she appeals to a lot of women cause of her strut and confidence. i think its because she disguises deep racism and nationalism with a brand of false, yet provocative machismo- hated and loved in both men and women. it’s a good mask for her to wear, a good way to lure actual feminists into an agenda that’s actually against their self interests. She’s serving her intended purpose well. You are so right about the best and worse case scenario for an Obama administration. And I’m afraid no one is preparing for either. But still, in terms of electoral processes, the fact that a man of color, a black man, is on tv not getting shot, jailed, clowned, and ain’t dancing; that a black man gets to speak thoughtfully, carefully (albeit with limited degrees of sincerity), makes me very very very proud. I ain’t proud of Sharpton, or Condoleeza, or Powell or any of the right wind wacky brown and black politicians out there. But I’m starting to feel some pride in this thing here. What about you?

  6. Pamela says:

    I think the North should have allowed the South to remain a confederacy. That way… we could just pound the stupid right out of them.

  7. naxal says:

    pamela: LOL, you raise an interesting notion, of just dealing with the truth as the truth. which may mean that we as the americn public position ourselves on a different, potentially fertile, playing ground. come back again, i like your spunk.

  8. naxal says:


    it is said that, ” great minds discuss ideas; mediocre minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”

    i’m intent on encouraging the public to focus on ideas, and making those ideas come alive. i am weary of a democracy that focuses too much on a few political actors. human beings are capable of much more. i want us to get as close to our human potential as possible. we could all be national leaders, with the right development, health, mentality. opportunity.

    that’s what i think.

    thank you for contributing your valuable thoughts.

  9. Peter says:

    What kind of minds just post surveys on their blogs?

  10. sherlock says:

    makes sense, and since we live in an iconic capitalist democracy, it also makes sense that you blogging bout some of the people that lead and make it up. thanks for encouraging debate and discussion on the idea of democracy and the electoral system and how it works or doesn’t in the biggest way possible. you must have a great mind. blog is dope.

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