inspiration: teaching opens up the sky of my heart

Dear Readers,

I just left the neighborhood watering hole.  Went to celebrate a red letter day.  I sat at the bar.  Struck up good convos with the mezzo soprano on my left.  And the EZLN painter on my right.  What a day.  The kind of 24 hour experience only life could provide.

Teaching today meant meeting each of my students in the eye. I talked with them about writing, and allowing ones writing to be a vessel for ones thoughts.  We ruminated on how good academic writing is like a good referee. You barely notice it, yet it is holding everything together. One by one, I gave them my all.  All 60 of them shone like the sun.

You know, my parents never used an alarm clock a day in their life. And yet they’ve never once missed a crack of dawn flight. I will be forever inspired by their internal clocks.

Today, in my economics class, I taught on John Maynard Keynes. Keynes was a deep dude, he created an economic model which responded to Depression era years. In the dance between a nation state and its economy, Keynes advocated for a tango. He liked to see the government all over the economy, legs intertwined, hips grinding.

Keynes inspired a whole host of people with his theory. Lover and haters. A lot of those people were inspired to create anti-Keynesian, contradictory models. That is, Keynes had plenty of haters. Haters who made it part of their life’s mission to prove Keynes wrong. And though I’ve learned this lesson before, I learned it better than ever today.

The key is to inspire. Whether folks love you or hate you, your impact on their life is what matters.

Kat Williams, whose going to be at Carnegie Hall soon, said “Ladies, if you have 5 haters, find you 10 more.”

Forget what you inspire, focus on being inspiring.

Here’s some poems I wrote at the bar this evening. From political poet to you.



1. opera

opera is only elitist in america

the land of equal opportunity

where opera is elitist

and your health care is elitist

oh yeah the justice system is elitist

don’t forget education is elitist

even being an artist is elitist

because everywhere you turn

more money gets you more service

more care, more fun, more learning

more freedom

in the land of the free

the land of equal opportunity


2. stupid poems

if once upon a time

were the start of my every rhyme

would you love me

or leave me



3. the boss

i once went to a bruce

springsteen concert in

jersey all by myself and

smoked while the

boss’s lovers

story spit



4. my love

my love if you’re looking

follow the light amongst my eyes

render the sun

the night magic

of my lies


5. an indian girl who says jesus

funny about jesus

how he always pops

outta my mouth

and no one in my lineage


ever said his name

before me

was b.c.


Stay tuned for more from your girl.


roopa singh/N

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2 thoughts on “inspiration: teaching opens up the sky of my heart

  1. sherlock says:


  2. mickeasha says:

    hey singh,

    i’m a former student of yours. And everyday i think about what i have obtained from your class. your class was offered once a week for three hours for that day and it was never enough. i’m sure there were times that the class can go on forever and i would not mind if it did. the class, the discussions and just you being completely real and inspirational opened up my mind allowed me to be free. allowed me to except no embrace who i am. forget the fact that i don’t fit the typical mold of a jamaican american from the bronx. you helped me reunite with hiphop and now we are in deeper love than ever. you empowered me. i just want to say thank you so much. i will never forget you. you will forever be in my heart, thoughts and prayers.


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