diwali mubarak

Dear Readers,

Today is Diwali.  The Hindu new year, the Hindu thanksgiving, the Hindu festival of lights and family-visiting- gift-giving session.   We light candles for Laxmi, the goddess of wealth in all its forms, so she knows to come through and pay us a visit.  And I’m just dropping a line, to wish you and yours a Happy Diwali.


roopa singh


2 thoughts on “diwali mubarak

  1. Peter says:

    I wish you the best of it. In all forms.

  2. mickeasha says:

    hey singh,

    i’m a former student of yours. And everyday i think about what i have obtained from your class. your class was offered once a week for three hours for that day and it was never enough. i’m sure there were times that the class can go on forever and i would not mind if it did. the class, the discussions and just you being completely real and inspirational opened up my mind allowed me to be free. allowed me to except no embrace who i am. forget the fact that i don’t fit the typical mold of a jamaican american from the bronx. you helped me reunite with hiphop and now we are in deeper love than ever. you empowered me. i just want to say thank you so much. i will never forget you. you will forever be in my heart, thoughts and prayers.


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