not god


congratulations to the obama family and us all.  president obama.  words can’t describe.

perhaps now, we pray.  more than ever before.  maybe you pray when you dance.  you pray when you meditate and sit quietly.  focusing on your breath.  and posture.

maybe you pray when you write.  kiss. receive. give


best case political scenario:  it was the best of times

we have a charismatic, brilliant, down to earth, benevolent imperial leader.  arts and science supported.  education supported.  the increasing health of humanity supported.

worse case political scenario: it was the worst of times

america has been rebranded///watch out world///red white and blue is back.


teaching this week has been more of a blessing than i can put words to.  more ancestors alive and dancing that i can explain.  diwali weekend at home meant homemade bread from my fathers hands.  tough love lessons traded with moms.  a neighborhood bar i can go to and know people.  the global slave state’s first black president.  a world rejoices, inside of me and all around me. cypress hill concert and my best slam dancing experience yet.  bodies press and pummel, i let go into the tidal wave.  we cram tight and rap along with gusto to b-real.  a legendary greyhound ride from pittsburgh to new york city the day before the elections.  swimming at the y.  kicked so hard i splashed water two stories high.  friends to succeed and fall with.  a cat to play with.  music to fly through.  a life to lead.


npr reported that today president elect obama hit the gym and wasted no time in planning to establish his administration. seems we should follow the leader.  let’s plan our white house accountability structures.  and challenge ourselves to win the biggest prize of all. 

peace from political poet, professor singh

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