the death dance dance dance

dear readers,

before welcoming the birth of a nation, should we take time to jazz mourn the death dance dance dance of a dynasty?

i think we should. because experience has shown me that if we don’t jazz mourn, we will misplace blame. and kick off a collateral damage string ourselves. imagine that, pre-packaged mini shock and awes, the each of us. misplaced blame is always fucking happening.

its what my homegirl does. her man goes off, paralyzing the little children with fear, slicing her soul to pieces. then, in the flower filled and hollow days that follow, my homegirl gets mad at the woman who lives upstairs. the woman upstairs used to be my homegirl’s best friend. they used to be tight like sisters. now upstairs woman gets no love, because my homegirl has all this misplaced blame. all dressed up for rage and no where to go.

Photo: Azhar Chougle

so i say lets take this pre-inauguration opportunity to jazz mourn the old. and all the last dynasty came with. more baggage than louis vutton. im ready to let it go. but letting the dead be dead takes work. so i how about we be intentional about using this time to mourn the passing of one regime, so that we may be ready to receive and appraise another.

what are your people’s death traditions? the family next door just lost an elder, they are catholic, from puebla, mexico. there is a decadent black satin bow pinned above their doorway. i just shared a beer with them. shared about the indian traditions around death.

it’s been a while since i wrote. i think i had to let something die. so i could butterfly born again. but im back. so stay tuned.


roopa singh

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