dispatch from dc: photojournalism essay and political poetry, “dc is.”

dear readers,

im in washington, dc for the inauguration.  photojournalism and political poetry combine in this post, to give you a sense of what it feels and looks like to be here, now.  feel free to use my shots, just give credit where its due.  check the technique.

photojournalism essay & political poetry: dc is

dc is desi visibility.

kal penn speaks, roopa in the crowd, desi visibility baby!

political poet, roopa singh in dc at the inauguration concert, kal penn on the jumbotron

dc is obama and progress and behind barbed wire.

progress behind barbed wire

obama, progress, barbed wire: mural in the u street district

dc is an almost beyonce sighting at ben’s chili bowl.

ben's chili bowl

ben's chili bowl

dc is dynamic eatery/bookstore/performance space, busboys and poets, far past capacity.

the inauguration special

busboys n poets: the inauguration specia

dc is taking in the incredible books at busboys and poets while waiting for a table.

revolutionary bookstore

busboys and poets: revolutionary bookstore

dc is inauguration for sale.


inauguration for sale: buttons

dc is ikea unabashed all over the metro, cashing in on regime change.

ikea's full court press

inauguration for sale: ikea's full court press

dc is “giddy” according to the washington post. dc is so scripted, except for bono.  dc is a perfect president, a nearly apolitical actor. dc is sirens and motorcaides.  dc is a baptist church’s inaugural ball for children posing in miniature gowns and suits on a red carpet with a life sized obama cut-outs.  dc is the peoples media center housing 20 with no hot water and tons of heart.  dc is a bald eagle, tethered, a raptor, captured.

i ran into a writer friend named clarence lusane at busboys and poets, and he described this new obama regime as as “a real page turner, but to be truthful, we don’t know whats on the next page.”

stay tuned for more: photojournalism and political poet dispatches from dc.


roopa singh

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