domestic/violence: why we care about chris brown and rihanna

dear readers,

there’s a movie playing in the theaters. its called, “america, superpower.” for a while, that movie wasn’t doing so well at the box office. its hero sucked and its war missions garnered less empathy than a well dressed panhandler on the subway. but that was the past. now the movie is blockbustering big bang style all across the globe. sold out audiences in every sector. there’s a brand new political hero, and the hopeless war missions have faded into the background. the economic suspense is rising. a working class sports team wins a breathtaking game. sparkly artists of all hues go home with shining awards.

i wonder, when a movie’s main selling point is societal violence, can it incorporate personal peace?

latest twist in the plot: domestic violence bloodies beautifully packaged, young r&b stars, chris brown and rihanna.

Rihanna Picture Taken By Los Angeles Police

Rihanna Picture Taken By Los Angeles Police

it was grammy night. the couple made it through a celebrity pre-party. chris brown probably hit rihanna repeatedly. it probably wasn’t the first time. within hours, the bubble gum pop star already had his doublemint advertising contract suspended. and rihanna missed out on performing with T.I at the grammys.

why are we riveted? because they are pop stars.

but why do we care? domestic violence hurts, splays, cyclically.

who hasn’t felt it? the rage that seeks a target, the white hot flash of harm, the bottomless well of depression no relationship could ever fill. nas says, you are who you are when no ones looking. so true. but sometimes you are who you are when the whole world’s looking.

ive heard grown women calling into hip hop radio station hot 97 and young women on the A train uptown talking about: “rihanna probably deserved it,” and “she needs to get over herself, chris brown is innocent.”

but international women’s day is around the corner and black history month is now (check out this associated press article, “time to end black history month?“) and “america, superpower” is in the midst of a plot twist that could use some context.

no woman deserves violence. no body deserves violence. fighting and war may be a part of our nature, but violence against women is a virus of epidemic proportions. physical violence shows on your skin. emotional violence drains on your soul. women hating women is like crabs in a bucket. shit, i’ve been there too. but now i’m steady climbing. keep on rihanna, i hope your climb gets as grounded as it is glitzy. maybe chris brown will get some support to come clean, get help, and back up off your target. because she is a human being too. or maybe he’ll be surrounded by yes men and women who’ll pat him on the back and keep him running on E. slum village says, “when the situation is tainted love is always free.”

still, i wonder, when a movie’s main selling point is societal violence, can it incorporate personal peace?

stay tuned for more from political poet: roopa singh.



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13 thoughts on “domestic/violence: why we care about chris brown and rihanna

  1. darkhaelo says:

    The people calling in or saying that this pop star “probably deserved it,” are espousing familiar rhetoric when dealing with issues of rape, or domestic violence. The “she asked for it…” argument is not a valid excuse for violent actions, ever.

    -“no woman deserves violence. no body[sic] deserves violence.” agreed.

  2. Nic says:

    Seriously. What supposedly happened? There are new reports of what “happened” everyday on the news, and it is getting to be a bit ridiculous.

    All I want is the truth. I just want to know what really happened, and so far I’ve only read what Rihanna has supposedly told police. All of this mess is starting to sound like nothing but media drama to me, and I wish someone would just put it out there of what happened. Goodness.

    I am not for hitting on anyone, but can we please stop convicting this young man already? None of us were there, and until we know what happened no one should be judging anything.

    Take this as you wish, but I’m waiting for the evidence and the truth. Not hypothetical theories and bs.

    • naxal says:

      def feel you on the media drama aspect. but here’s whats true. ive worked with survivors of domestic violence and sexual violence, and the fact is the abuse is generally so hidden that in a scenario where you get as many clues as we have here, you simply understand that some abuse has occurred.

  3. mark says:

    O.k chris brown is a loser for hitting
    rihanna! it’s so stupid! * u can’t ever hit a woman*
    get it right nub- no matter what u r; a star or not….you’re now a loser and im taking ur songs off my playlist. Rihanna and you were getting along well but now u hit her..that ain’t right. YOU A WALKING DEAD MAN!!!

  4. sofiiee says:

    im glad chris brown hit that stupid cow(rihanna).
    she deserves it. i personally know rihanna and she is one bitch. no joke

    • naxal says:

      @ sofiiee, the truth is, you speak for a lot of people, especially a lot of women. but even if rihanna is a bitch, it doesn’t follow that beating/humiliating/isolating/shaming/shunning her will make her a better human being. or hold her accountable for any of the fucked up things she’s ever done (because she’s only human, and of course makes mistakes). feel me? in fact, all signs show that the opposite happens. i was reading this hip hop street fiction book last night by a sister named mary b. morrison, she wrote a series on domestic violence. because she lost her mom to domestic violence. i have a good friend that im scared i will lose to domestic violence. and there are countless women in prison, serving time right now, because they tried to leave their batterers. violence against women is not logical. any attempt we make to make it seem logical just doesn’t fly. violence against women never makes sense. we should try and agree on this as a society. or else it will always be the epidemic it is now. thank you for reading.

  5. ricky says:

    what the hell is wrong with him she´s the sexiest woman alive.
    if rihanna were my girl damn i would tret her just like a queen

  6. romeo says:

    whats that……………….
    fuck chris brown is a mother fucker

  7. susanna says:

    to darkhaelo…

    -”no woman deserves violence. no body[sic] deserves violence.” agreed.

    no body is not necessarily sic…

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