soul tool: ask yourself questions

dear readers,

i was just in the bay area, and in the midst of rolling from clubs to orgs to malls to the empowering women of color conference and viks chaat house, i reignited a tool to help me ground. like to hear it? hear it go.

check this out: write down a series of questions for yourself. the kind of questions that you wish someone would ask you. then take a little time to write/draw out your answers to the questions. don’t get too caught up in how you answer, poetry, paragraphs, an image, a sentence or two, its all good as long as you create a record.

why not give yourself that time today, to be an explorer of self. i will guarantee you, the discovery channel has nothing on the distance you can run within your own being. not that i’m hating on the discovery channel.

are you all good?  copacetic, no need for support, life ain’t nothin but a thang, you got this? that’s dandy. now ask yourself some questions and see if you can’t scratch your own armored surface.

i have a personal practice of asking myself questions. it works.

been doing it for some years now. i love creating the questions. i adore the indulgence of knowing im going to listen to myself. can’t lie, sometimes i get bored answering my own questions. lol, ain’t that some shit, getting bored of ones own self. but even that is a priceless gem of truth. i started doing this because i like it when my lover asks me questions, or when the homies ask me about myself, and i have actually paid people to ask me questions in a healing context so i figured, shit, if this is so great that folks get paid to do it, i may as well start doing it for myself.

suggested questions:

what’s on my mind?

how is my body doing?

what do i need to say no to?

what do i need to say yes to?

how can i be better to myself?

how can i be better to those around me?

what is the best thing about these days?

what is the most challenging thing about these days?

if you do it, let me know how it goes. peace, from political poet, roopa singh.



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