new york city haiku battle

dear readers,

monday afternoon commute, stuffed trains from harlem to flatbush, but then im climbing up the stairs at four two and a sentry of horns, a battalion of horns, understated drums, hark the herald angels and i am instantly, so ready. for more. of this day. in the life. here’s the band i heard: hypnotic brass band.

a couple of my students at pace university started a haiku battle, they are so talented and so driven, its bananas. i wrote the following haikus in less than 15 minutes. you can too. with practice. enjoy.

haiku battle (last entry)

“hey poets, i be on and off this thread cuz my hustle is hard, but here’s an injection that’ll last. shout to starbucks late night writing crew.”

on writing:

chapter story, i
can write for glory or not
inside, outside hot

write breathe in I write
birth seed plant weed live, breathe in
no middle, just yes, no

on the relationship of the economy to us:

words like collapse
we are markets too we are
words like downturn

on childhood sexual abuse:

fresh blood fingers
girl, repeat, split soul, repeat
touch again down there

on hip hop:

hip hop starts inside
park jam I ate the whole can
music scream for me

on my cat:

luna the grey cat
soft eyes gruff heart, she gets me
pounce, feast, fly by might

on water, my first love:

water, my love, how
widow wash, win worlds, eyes brushed
bright shadow water

waves stand as proof
of relentless summer nights
hips crash over, again

water I court you
birthed me, forgive my slow pace
life goal, depict you

have I had enough
water can I fill your glass
with more miracle

change liquid solid
smoke cloud toke proud sing loud change
humid is the range

on hip hop and love:

make love to you like
long interview, said mos def
ask me dash me deep

on being 1.5 generation indian immigrant:

what is “fennel” in
hindi, I ask mom, inside
convo to be had

on wanting to be a mom:

dance is my sons name
his arms leap, legs snap in time
though time is running

on my peeps:

humor laughter, yes
side split/friends with/my gut, smile
yo, its been a while!

stay tuned for more, from the one and only political poet.
roopa singh

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One thought on “new york city haiku battle

  1. BreevEz says:

    just in case you dont get to fb…

    “on my s_x life”

    7 year old parts
    I know where my fingers go
    Damn Television

    I block this section
    No need for it in my dreams
    Don’t talk about it.
    School yard Victim Chants
    “Dyke Dyke Baggy Pants Dumb Bitch”
    Can’t I be normal?

    Never date someone
    Who tells you she loves you
    After she beats you

    Boarding school roommates
    Should never ever go out
    Ask my pants you burned.

    Our virginity
    Anti Climatic Sex
    My heart Your penis.

    Shameful Recruiter
    I feel bad for all the girls
    I turned out then ran

    A big part of me
    Would love me some hetero
    ‘xcept for big part…

    Found love in his eyes
    Our artistic memories
    Will canvas our pain

    She holds me like love
    Kisses me like summer rain
    Can’t it be the same

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