bio: the political poet is based in new york city

dear readers,

happy spring, persian new year, buds on trees, the whole fucking nine.

poem slash prayer

have you ever wanted something so bad you could taste it/waste it/cuz thats what they did to you, waste it. but you want it anyway. the slice of dream that has your name on it. the framed card in my bathroom says: “i get up, i walk, i fall down. meanwhile i keep dancing.”

(to all my turtles: slow and steady wins the race. step by grimy step to the sun for some fun, yes life is/ like this/ and how bold the rainbow is.)

i wanted to share my updated bio with you. more of you click on the tab “about roopa” than anything else. now you have more of what you came for.

about roopa singh:

the first person to be born outside of india in thousands of years of
lineage, roopa singh is a lawyer by trade and a poet by choice. roopa
graduated from uc berekley school of law and stepped to the stage,
touring with a group of independent hip hop artists throughout the
caribbean. she is currently an award winning professor of law, hip
hop, and politics at city college (cuny) and pace university. before
moving to brooklyn from the bay area two years ago, roopa taught at
every correctional facility in the bay area and worked as a legal
journalist in the u.s. supreme court. she’s thrilled to have recently
completed a year long arts education project with the new museum.
roopa’s writings on politics, media, and popular culture have been
published or supported by the nation, the ford foundation, wire tapmagazine, and she writes on the popular blog:

the political poet has lit up stages as a emcee, songstress and
comedienne at lincoln center (ny), hearbst theater (sf), black august
(cuba), judson memorial church (ny), the women’s building (sf), brecht
forum (ny), the asian american writers workshop(ny), nuyorican poets
cafe (ny), and the bowery poetry club (ny). her hip hop theater based
one woman show, “love marriage,” was featured in apature: san
francisco’s asian american arts festival, and excerpted in pittsburgh’s three rivers
arts festival and the san francisco queer arts festival. roopa’s visual art work was featured on stage in the andolan project’s, “sukh aur dukh ki kahani,” part of the culture project’s women center stage festival. roopa also facilitates workshops
on hip hop, politcs, and healing. she’s facilitated key presentations on desi organizing and domestic violence at the united states social forum (atlanta, ga) and the incite color of violence conference (new orleans, la).

roopa is looking forward to working with organizers at nmass (national mobilization against sweatshops) to help create poetry events and arts based advocacy spaces within latino and chinese working communities. the political poet is also writing a novel (fingers crossed) and freestyling with good hearted bands (braveheart 4 life).

stay tuned for more, stars.

roopa singh, aka the political poet.

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