don’t let life happen to you/you can happen to life!

dear readers,

life can happen to you or you can happen to life, your choice.

woke up early, took the bus home from bay ridge, where a crew of women gathered to break bread and read lines. our host, a syrian young women (on her way, inshallah, to so much), took such indulgent care of us that the abundant evening turned into morning.  as the day broke i was on the 68 bus headed towards the slope, taking in al noor school, la pyramide eatery, wing fat’s dry cleaning, storefronts, independent businesses and for lease signs on this grave yard flecked stretch of 5th ave.  i sipped my hot chocolate and thought of a childhood friend.  our bond is no less than my first blunt, 17 years, not even a kiss, and cars drive by with the booming system.  he was two grades older, getting me to “type” (aka: do) his papers for him.  i don’t why, being that he’s so smart.

don’t let life happen to you/you can happen to life!

i love him and he loves me.  though we are all lucky, comparatively, i can’t help but feel his fever for something, anything, to happen in the way of scrill.  his younger brother became a forensic cop, back in the day lil bro had mad hops, now he gotta daughter and eyes that seen too much.  my childhood friend is afghani, brilliant and manning his parents second deli full time now.  homie, i know that mortgage start-up could have carried you in another era, and that it must have been crushing to watch that business and your fresh new apartment (plus your lady??) melt away like cheese, but don’t stop believing.

here’s the pearl of wisdom that washed up to my bay ridge, early morning shore for you.

look, some things are out of your control, but why let life happen to you/where you can happen to life?


political poet

(roopa singh)

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