happy birthday to a classic: malkia, circa 2009

dear readers,

today is the birthday of one of the deepest soul-mates and soul-friends i have ever had the pleasure to know. it would be so easy to go through life without feeling your highest highs and your lowest lows. but passion is not something the poet will sacrifice. thank you from the bottom, for reminding me that copacetic ain’t never been the peoples way.

this photo montage is just a year in the life of malkia and roopa, from inaugration in dc to harvard to viks chaat house in berkeley, to crash mansion in nyc to austin and back, always back to oakland with the homies.

we were together for the peaks and valleys of nearly seven years. right now we’re breaking new ground with the soul-friend status. love dont always look how we want it to, but love is and that is abundant.

i trust you can feel this miggedy-mac.  happy birthday dear dear.

roopa singh, political poet

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One thought on “happy birthday to a classic: malkia, circa 2009

  1. jedi says:

    can i feel it? more than i could say. didn’t know you were going to share, but, like everything you put into this world, this shit is golden. thank you dear. 4 lyf!

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