motherhood: fuck perfection, just do your absolute best

Dear Readers,

Happy Mothers Day to all the warriors who intentionally remember to support growth with their bodies, hearts, souls. A special prayer to the hundreds of thousands of Pakistani people, women, children who are right now ducking into refugee camps.

Spent a spacious Saturday at the Estria Invitational Graffiti and Break Battle, so blessed to be reminded of healthy competition. Women, we’re not taught to battle healthy, but I know we can learn. So on this day, let’s all take a sec to laugh at and with the competition.

More on the Estria Invitational to come, but here’s a blurb from Flavorpill: Sixteen of the nation’s top graff artists compete in this live art battle, after which the winner will be flown to Oakland, California, to take part in the finals this October. Join judges Wane One COD, Tatu Xmen, Doc TC5, Mare 139, and Estria in evaluating contestants’ live-paint skills at this first-ever national throwdown. Then, take a break from the street-art melee to catch the simultaneous Mighty 4 Break Battle — which also promises cash prizes for skilled b-boys and girls — or the Kurtis Blow Hip-Hop Choir, onsite from the rap godfather’s Harlem Hip-Hop Church to raise some spirits.

In the name of all religions and all people, and a good ass battle,
Roopa Singh, Political Poet

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One thought on “motherhood: fuck perfection, just do your absolute best

  1. Saleema says:

    thank you for the prayers for the internally displaced Pakistan refugees. I read in one new account that it’s the biggest “exodus” since the partition.

    I hope things at least turn out better than they did during the partition.

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