sotomayor meets john legend and rick ross: this living is so magnificent, stop dreaming it

dear readers,

on sotomayor: im happy about this nomination. its interesting just how fluid the process is thus far, especially juxtaposed with clinton’s bumpy road to ruthie. but for real tho, how long we ‘posed to get ecstatic about another pedigreed person of color in high office when the peasants are still police battling, ice raids shattering, ball and chain chattering like hungry dogs at the ankles of most in some form or another. so im just wondering, is royalty the new democracy?

on another nizz-ote:

when does a song get old? for how long does a song stay new? i guess it depends on who you ask.

ask me/could be/ten thousand years old/and its still solid gold/could be/top 40/and still worthy/still classic/thats basic/its drastic/to tell me what i should think/is old/is new/its too good to be true/life be so wise but act brand new/im just tryna see it thru/get these beats out my dome from me to you.

the new cut, magnificent, featuring john legend and rick ross is rocking my world right now. here’s the instrumental, for alla you who want to flow. double dare you.

stay tuned,
roopa singh

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