michael, you were mortal? the closest thing to a world leader i ever knew.

dear readers,

fm 98.7, the first mj tribute station we could find. last time i checked hot 97 was still on 50. fucking clear channel, SO out of touch. we are the world is whats playing right now. im writing to you from brooklyn, the planet, 2:40am, and the radio is on. its a tribute to michael jackson all night.

betty yu told me. speechless. mouth agape. we were at prospect park, femi kuti set to rock the stage in purples and greens, dancers of winding steel, horns to make you say. i found out there, from betty, in the midst of all of brooklyn on blankets. i had no phone, and was counting on my inner gps to find her. as i combed my way through the groups of people, those burnished, gilded circles of brooklyn, i thought to myself, i’m looking for my homies, but shit, these could all be my homies. MJ showed us then and shows us now that we are all family. he knew it. even when his family turned on him, time and again.

i can tell this is some devastating shit cuz of how quickly i want to just blame. but rather than compare notes on who birthed mj, on who killed mj, on who loved him the most, on who neglected him the worst–i’d rather just feel all that im feeling right now. and not be so quick to put words to it.

funny, being a blogger who dont always give credence to the word.

do you remember the time, when we fell in love? do you remember the time, when we first met? that’s whats playing right now.

good night and big hugs,

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