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visualizing success: im going back to school after 6 years!

dear readers,

two years ago, i was walking around connaught place, i had smuggled my lil nephew out from underneath his moms, my older sister’s, ink black stare. and i found a bookstore that i fell in love with. amongst a miniature version of the gita, and an imminently readable tome on hindu family law, i purchased a calendar there. a hindustan times calendar, with lil inspirational messages for each day. everyday i flip it, wondering, “what’s it gonna say today?”

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today’s message on my hindustan times calendar was about visualizing success. and how its a choice. a fucking good choice.

so that’s what i spent last night doing, laughing and puffing with the sister bekezela. her and etta etc went on a spiritual quest and brought their questing with them, swirling around their heads like pixie dust.

the exercise: visualizing success, think of yourself at a later stage, all up in the midst of the sights, sounds, habits and smells of whatever you perceive of as success. imagine its ten years from now, who you be?

the materials: pen or pencil and paper. better than on the computer, promise.

the example: roopa singh’s version for your reading pleasure.


visualizing success: a writing exercise by roopa singh
1. i am comfortable in silence.

2. i think really fucking well of myself/not too highly/and not too lowly/just really well of myself.

3. “i can” is more a part of my vocabulary.

4. “i know” is a feeling that recedes and rises like the tide.

5. i miss myself far less, rarely.

6. i do not think/about the precarious hurdle of/month to month/because my monetary is great, even.

7. i drink tea often, sometimes every day.

8. i am solitude embodied, held, embraced, enlaced with fantasy hustle/the kid he stumbles/with grace.

katt williams, thank you for saying that part about ladies, if you got 10 haters, try to get you 20 more.  means you’re doing something right.  ya heard.



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