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hip hop holiday tip: speed up to slow down stunna!

dear readers,

one thing about driving in new york, you have to know how to speed up to slow down. i suggest you do the same to truly enjoy the holiday season.

you’re in a car curving around grand army plaza, waiting with bated breath, foot poised over the gas peddle, light turns green, and their off!  until the next block, where a perfectly visible red light has been waiting for you the entire time.  so you slam on the breaks, especially if you’re a dollar van barreling down flatbush ave, and bring your ride to unnecessary, whiplash halt.  proceed in this manner all the way to your destination.  you’ll get there in the same amount of time it woulda taken you if your foot was easier on the gas (if your breath was more even, if your mind was more peace) but you’ll have the added benefit of being good and stressed.  i guarantee you that if you speed up to slow down all the way to your next move (or your last move) you’ll arrive having cultivated a whole next level degree of disassociation and impatience.

this is a perfect perscription for feeling big, bad, and righteous.  which we all need to feel.  when we are being total assholes to ourselves and the world around us.

attention all holiday shoppers.  whether you’re shopping for goods or just a good, peaceful time: keep speeding up to slow down.  cuz its so ineffective it works.   free, painful armor, load up people, its the ultimate black friday dizz-eal!

honestly, why pace yourself?  pacing yourself from here to new years will just mean you get to be present, that you get to be in your body, sit with your feelings, remember all your actions, that you’ll be gently and compassionately compelled towards accountability. its all fucked off.

lead to the pedal baby.  do it.  press on the gas.  because it works so good.  don’t it.


roopstar the mad rapper



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love poems by roopstar

dear readers

in the midst of insistent and sweet whirlwinds, a few love poems, for my romantics….



we said cuddle
but her voice said wet
and so I set
my hands on sweet tirade
and mouthed out cuddle
in tongues

it wasn’t you

it wasn’t you
but I blessed you

it wasn’t you
but I still smell you
on the rest

it was never you
yet I fought you
with my best

rabbit proof fence

shawty got me the fur with the hoodie
she bein mad nice
she not gonna get the goodies
she still rolls the dice
I rock it on the street
warm and soft
they say I can pull it off
but why play off
this rabbit proof fence
inside of me
long legged gait
where’s my clean slate
I look at my plate
and see abundance
but childhood truth was starving
so you carving
out the time
and money
is dandelion honey
this fur
reminds me
of climbing
the rabbit proof fence

stay tuned lovelies,

roopa singh

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on fort hood: from a brown american perspective

dear readers, 

the airwaves are on high rotation with not the full story about fort hood and major hassan.

vijay prashad, in a recent essay in counterpunch, adds some thirst quenching flavor to the mix.


i grew up in a military town.  my first house party was on base.  used to go with my friends to the commissary, kick it on the courts with my girls.  there was always so many men on base, not that im only complaining.  anyway, i grew up with a best girl friend from iran, and a best guy friend and his rolling deep family clan from afghanistan.  so when i hear shit, i hear it through these lenses.  

a few months back i posted a piece on busta ryhmes’s song, “arab money.”  one reader who goes by the name, “not my name,” (which i love) commented,

“In fairness… Busta is the type of guy that does these things to make music and the track is absolutely sick… I don’t think poking fun at arabs or any kind of war motivation is intended or present at all… It’s a song, get over it…”  

i want to share with you what i wrote him back, because its on fort hood:

“i can’t lie, i can feel where you’re coming from. but check out what’s going with this fort hood shooting. folks are seriously talking like, “should we even let muslims be in the military?” and all i can think of is, imagine if that same racism was applied to a black officer whose mind broke and started shooting. like if we are a society that would entertain a discussion like, “well, should we even let any black people in the services at all,” then we need to be clear about it and not act like we not substituting one target of racism for another. the racism that existed before the civil rights era did not die, it got quieter but still deadly (just check out the infant mortality rates and life expectancies for african americans), except when it comes to muslim folks who appear to be of arab or south asian descent. that racism is loud and clear. watchu think?”

so, watchu THINK?

take lots of care, 

roopa singh

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