retreat: yoga to the people

dear readers,

the city, the metropolis, i’m talking about this here gotham, boy does it get sticky. its hard to leave this web, but you have to reload sometimes. im working on my certification to be a yoga teacher with yoga to the people, and this weekend we headed out to nature in the catskill mountains, to reload and retreat elementally, with wind, fire, water, and earth. here are a couple poems i wrote, up there at the menla retreat center. i hope you can see yourself in my reflections.

1. climb

wind is a dancer
mountain her dance floor
wind is a waterfall
cascading gold leaves
wind is at my back
urging me to believe

2. sweat

is each mouth, drinks a dip
is each hand, a pipe gets lit
is painful, i waited so long to be free
is plentiful, still time to be me
is power, so powerfully


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2 thoughts on “retreat: yoga to the people

  1. Ron says:

    Nice post – Yoga ..Keep Posting– Tip: Keep your post active- commenting helps it – Santu Yoga

  2. jedi says:

    i see myself, thank you for the poetic reflection. these pieces are beautiful.

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