love poems by roopstar

dear readers

in the midst of insistent and sweet whirlwinds, a few love poems, for my romantics….



we said cuddle
but her voice said wet
and so I set
my hands on sweet tirade
and mouthed out cuddle
in tongues

it wasn’t you

it wasn’t you
but I blessed you

it wasn’t you
but I still smell you
on the rest

it was never you
yet I fought you
with my best

rabbit proof fence

shawty got me the fur with the hoodie
she bein mad nice
she not gonna get the goodies
she still rolls the dice
I rock it on the street
warm and soft
they say I can pull it off
but why play off
this rabbit proof fence
inside of me
long legged gait
where’s my clean slate
I look at my plate
and see abundance
but childhood truth was starving
so you carving
out the time
and money
is dandelion honey
this fur
reminds me
of climbing
the rabbit proof fence

stay tuned lovelies,

roopa singh

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8 thoughts on “love poems by roopstar

  1. Debi says:

    Touché. Tiger-proof too?

  2. Maike says:

    Really nice picture ^^

  3. Ayanqu says:

    Touchy.. Love it!

  4. shewafira ali says:

    hi love you all

  5. sethu says:

    your “cuddle” is superb!

  6. Tinzley says:

    I love this! Can I use the photo for my blog? I will quote and make sure your blog is linked. Beautiful!

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