comedienne roopa singh: tonight at the bronx academy of arts and dance (equality ride fundraiser)

dear readers,

whew!  finally got my dance on last night at sweat!, a nyc based queer friendly party.  dj’s were consistently good, and the congos we wailed on felt so good under my hands.  my mom taught me to drum, but i don’t do it as much as i could, so waking up with hands sore from speaking in that resonant tongue is an infinite feeling.  we danced to mass appeal, around the way girl, fela, and illmatic cuts.  my shiva blue reeboks felt like they had talcum powder underneath them.  you ever get to that point on the floor when you are actually wondering if flight is imminent?  excuse me while i kiss the sky…

comedienne roopa singh (photo: piper anderson)

tonight i’m doing stand up at the bronx academy of arts and dance for an Equality Ride fundraiser.  since 2006, this cross country tour has been making a difference for lgbt students at bible belt universities with high rates of gay student suicide, schools that routinely expel students for loving the wrong person.   the equality riders are like the gay version of the freedom riders, but instead sitting in at lunch counters, the equality riders roll up on schools, whether they are welcome or not.  bodies on the line, nuff respect to them.  find out more: click on me to learn more about the equality ride.

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