the rub: a hip hop series in the still dirtydirty region of park slope

dear readers,

the nice thing about the rub is the way they even mixed in the videos, old school videos, to match the old school songs, and when the sonic transition happened the visual transition on the screen happened simultaneously, all remixed in with visual breaks and bars, tapping, lightly tapping the eyes with a ocular hint of the next hit, what a sight, a video spliced up like the new york night, un parte de una cancion y a dento mixto un ortro parte until the dawn breaks until the day wakes like cupcakes. and suddenly its dawn. and youve danced your whole night away at the rub at the stalwart venue, southpaw, in brooklyn, where even the bouncer treats you with mad respect.

the rub, a monthly true school hip hop night at southpaw, website here:

but we waited anyway, because it was my girls birthday. and we were *all* glad we waited. because the dj mixed a good set. and the visuals matched up. so that was stunning. and we all danced till we were drenched, sweat, sweet/let/go. let flow. the rub. at southpaw. make it a plan if you are in new york city. its a great evening. promise! heads up: its going to be a lot of white people in line. don’t worry. the party is live, because and despite the historic pattern. this is jazz all over again. this is hip hop/circa two thousand and ten.

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