subway poems

dear readers,

this is me:

i had a pretty rad day, full of the ripening buds of dreams, of trees in the spring.  on the subway ride home i was pumped and drained and so i wrote, i drew, i watched people and listened to music. right now im on hold with jetblue, it’s my spring break.  i’m trying to reschedule a flight back to pittsburgh, so i can both teach a hip hop yoga class at hunter college school of social work, AND see my mom during the break.

can’t not see moms.

subway poem #1: rejoice

rejoice/and make noise

let the camera/read your poise

shining star/my shining star

go far/go wide/go deep into collide

into dive/into try

your breath is pulling/deeper

my secret’s keeper/no more

subway poem #2: i was thinking about the white lady who interviewed me today

hey lady

you ever heard my story before?

you ever seen such glory before?

hey lady

can you see yourself by yourself

mouth around drown

frown crumpled around your ankles

white lady teachers

tell you to write 1000 times

i will not talk in class

and yet i talk

and yet i rise

and yes this prize

is mine and ours

i count the hours

every breath until i see you

stay tuned!


roopa singh


p.s. still on hold with mfking jet blue.  but, they did play tevin campbell’s round and round as their hold music, i used to survive off that song!

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