roopa’s hip hop yoga @ hunter: “it is your right to move.”

dear readers,

here are some pics from the session i led today at the school of social work at hunter.  triumphant arms, engaged cores, hearts lifting, and all of this, with some in jeans, and another who gave up her mat for the carpet.  this is taking it back, all the way back to when yoga was more integrated, in so many ways.


roopa adjusting marcus


starting off in childs pose


getting ready for pranayama breathing practice


being a yoga teacher is so humbling and inspiring


this was his first full yoga class and he gave his all for sure. i hope he keeps up his practice!


getting the yoga started even before class, it is your right to move!


this is what flying feels like.


roopa coming into plank from downward dog

It is your right to move, so please do keep it moving!


Roopa Singh


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3 thoughts on “roopa’s hip hop yoga @ hunter: “it is your right to move.”

  1. madhu says:

    hey roop,

    First of all congratulations, you amaze me every time. You are wonderful, beautiful, fun to be around & you have learned to take care of yourself which is very important in life. Hip hip hooray for Roopa. Love you.

    M. B. Kaushik (Singh)

    • naxal says:

      mom, you made my morning brighter by saying, “im proud of you.” the best things in life are free!

      • madhu says:

        you are absolutely right . It is very much lacking in the western world to appreciate the goodness in people. Truely it does not cost even a penny what to talk about a dime. Have a onderful & fruitful day by hook or crook. No,no no no I didn’t mean that.


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