Hip Hop Cuba: 500,000 flood the Malecon for Calle 13

Dear Readers,

This was last Tuesday. This was Calle 13’s first concert in Cuba. This was fact: everyone was rapping along with Residente and Visitante. Calle 13 is bonafide phenomenon. I saw them last summer in Central Park, exhilarating. Not just because of the sounds. But also because of the crowd. Calle 13 is a movement unto itself, uber inclusive of the excluded, while still being a home for the mainstream hip.

Calle 13 in 1st Cuba Concert, photo from: nochelatina.com

I am struck by these images, these extra-national musical citizenship images, for what they mean for Cuba (imagine U.S. public space being used for a massive hip hop concert), and for what they imply about where hip hop lives, in all those hearts, beating, pushing against our growing edges, regardless.

roopa singh

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