Off the Charts: Female MC’s at SXSW 2010

Dear Readers,

I just read a ill post I have to share with you. Turns out the comrade Invincible organized a Women in Hip Hop track at South by Southwest this year, and the female MC’s featured were killing it. No, we’re not talking about Minaj, Remy, Kim, not even talking about Hill. Not because they don’t deserve shine, but because outside the mainstream media, there are other voices gleaming. The new line up: Ana Tijoux, Kid Sister, Maluca, Nneka, Rye Rye. Props to Invincible for holding it down with depth and lateral perception. Check out the 360 link, I’m posting a few of the videos here too. Let’s give the ladies a listen:

Ana Tijoux: From her album 1977, reppin for Chile, France, for the late 70’s babies. What I’m feeling: The way the words waterfall off her tongue, her striking beauty countered by gravedigga seriousness.

Nneka: Reppin for Nigeria, this single, “Walking” is a soldier of love anthem for really real. What I’m feeling: The spirit, the salvation, the way Nigeria shots could be India shots, the reminder that music can and should be a revelation.

Invincible: Reppin for Detroit, this single “Sledgehammers,” off Shape Shifters is representative of the culture collage that Ilana packs into every flow. What I’m feeling: How present she is.

Maluca: Reppin for Nueva Jork and the DR, this is the title track off her new album, “El Tigeraso,” produced by MIA fav, Diplo. What I’m feeling: The golden beer cans as curlers, the street aesthetic blended with so much playfulness. And her track shows cultural pride, along with a brave flow.

Kid Sister: Reppin South Side of Chicago (my birthplace dont get it twisted), Kid Sister is like Minaj remixed for the dance club scene. This track is off her album, Ultraviolet. What I’m feeling: Her fun, her aesthetic, her down to earth extra terrestrial type style.

Rye Rye: Reppin for Baltimore, linked up with MIA and here’s a taste. What I’m feeling: Still figuring it out, the rawness I think.

Again, def check out the 360 post!


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