rumi’s words: fast

dear readers,

what an amazing day, upliftment is in the air, parent’s finally sealed a deal on a house, brother just had a baby, little zoya.

back in oakland, about 5 years ago, the homie sayyadina gave me this pocket rumi reader. she was an mc, a startlingly smart journalist, clear eyed and freckled, light skinned she heckled all the boys, she could even shatter noise, we were on tour together, she was rooster calling to all the tigres from our dominican hide out, got back to oakland, she re-picked up a habit, foster kid u dig, last i heard it was a sidewalk for her. i remember when she lived on a house boat at the berkeley marina. shoulda seena’.


fast from thoughts, fast:
thoughts are like the lion and the wild ass;
men’s heart are the thickets they haunt.
fasting is the first principle of health;
restraint is superior to medication;
scratching only aggravates the itch.
Fast, and behold the strength of the spirit.

stay tuned for more,

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